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Hdmi switcher problems

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I got ten devices that need to go into my HDMI capture card and CRT VGA monitor sinultaneously.


When I have 5 systems in an automatic switch, namely the Nnbtendo Switch and Wii U,  the Xbox One and 360, and the Dreamcast in a Native VGA adapter.


But if I were to either Daisy chain 2 HDMIs, and one item is a RetroTink SCART2HDMI or a Retrotink 2x Pro M, i notice my cheap Chinese Auto HDMI switcher goes on the blink.  Multiple lights light up for a second, then no signal.


I notice a 2 to 1 bidirectional manual switch keeps the signal intact.


My Phillps manual 3 system selector does not work well certain sitches when mixed with the electronic switch 


What's better, manual or autonatic switches, (or the right mix)?


I guess I can put the native HDMI stuff on on switcher, all the neo retro stuff on another auto switcher, and then connect them with a manual.


The only question is can the manual switcher do 3d?  It might be too old for it.


I guess I'll try that amd see what happens.



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