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5 hours ago, mizapf said:

Then you certainly know where I took that picture from. 🙂

I was born in Tromsø and some 14 years later a got a TI, but then I had been living 12 years in Hammerfest (further north). I Got the TI, but don't remember if I got the Carts later or at the same time. The Big ones was Parsec (played it until I could do it in my sleep!), got MM, but since I did not get any books (to expensive and hard to find) it was not used that much. Got Ex. Basic, it got a lot of use. More after I solved the "f" problem... "But... but... EVERYTHING IS correct, hmmm, what is going on?" Then I learned that f and F is not the same thing. And "f" in Call Char dos not work. (Stupid machine 😛 hehehe, used a long time to solve it and the TI did NOT help me! :()

But I got lucky, I did a boat trip that was more then 4000 km to TRY to get some more "cool" stuff for my TI. I Went down the coast, from Hammerfest all the way to Bergen, then over to Grimsby (England), with my grandma on a ship. (She was working on). Hardly knew any English, but when you are in need of ANY shit you can get to your "stupid computer", then THAT is a TINY problem. I knew the important words like TI, Computer, Games, Where, Money, Buy! I might be a product of the TI speech Synth!

"You are not English?", I proudly answered, "NOPE, where can a find TI stuff?"

The "modern" Viking-raid" gave very little loot! I think I got a cassette and a book. The rest was just shit and WAY to expensive.

So... Can I say that I did a LOOOONG Viking-raid to get TI stuff. I was JUST 1000 years late to the "party". And being a modern "nice" Viking is not good, when you are in need of the latest "shit"! It was a good Viking-raid in other ways. Even had a stop in Bremenhaven (Germany) to late in the evening and "huge" spiders at the docks. So, the Viking looked longedly towards the town and dreaming of TI games (and shit).

Hmmmm, Is this a game Idea! I just change the Iron "Viking" ship to a real on and I have, "The Last Viking - looting again!"??? The long journey for valuables and shit to take home to Hammerfest! Monsters and hard to understand people, with lots of sea, mountains and boat stuff!

But... you will not have the experience of sleeping on top of an engine and finally after a week, your able to sleep. BUT, getting home is it so "quite" after having slept on a engine that never rested... That you can hear the seagull many MILES out at sea as your trying to sleep at home, but cant... it is TOO quiet! But... luckily after a week I could not hear the seagull any more. Pretty sure it was it that kept me awake!

So... I had to keep buying magazines and type in games! Got a few carts after that, some cassettes and books.

But the PC then came to town... And a got myself a "pull-able" PC laptop, just 23 kg or 46 lb. It was a mazing... 4 hertz  (wow 😕 ), 16 colours (wow 😕 ) and built in screen and 2 floppy disk ports.... I think it even had 256k memory  (wow 😕 )

How I regretted not getting a Amiga! But that is another story together with landing on
Liberty Island and never leaving there alive! (ohhhhh how many times I tried to lift off from that Island!)

Edited by oddemann
Spelling and for sure more editing needed... BUGS!
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Surprise, we still "can snow". I almost thought we could call this word obsolete in German. Compare with the first photo in this thread.



As you can see, the tree is clearly growing catkins. This may be a bit too early in early January. (Interestingly, "catkin" is the exact analogue to the German "Kätzchen", with "-kin" being the cognate to the German diminutive "-chen" which we can add to any noun.)



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