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What have you actually PLAYED tracker for 2022 (Season 15)

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Times for the week



Tetris 195 for me and 255 for the wife as we compete in a monthlong retro gaming competition on Facebook. Still currently first and second. 

Atari 2600

Eggomania 65. One good game over 180,000. 
Kaboom 12

Galaxian 41 for FB HSC

Missile Command 46 for HSC. 
Solar Fox 41

Wall Defender 7 for FB HSC. 

All fun. 




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Oops, a correction to make:

12 hours ago, Steven Pendleton said:


Xexex (Japan) - 13

They really did totally change the international versions in quite a few ways, ruining them in the process. Japanese version is easily the best one.

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Tandy Color Computer 2

Downland - 30 minutes. Excellent, frustrating, platformer from Radio Shack.



Tandy Color Computer 3

Pacdude Monster Maze - 320 minutes. PacMania style game, looks great, smooooth scrolling. Gameplay hampered by controls. You hafta use the diagonals for movement, would've much preferred using the cardinal directions and rotating joystick 45.


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My times for the week:



Dragon Warrior III - 39 min.

Sky Kid - 45 min.

Tennis - 165 min.

Ultimate Stuntman - 16 min.


Beat Tennis on the hardest difficulty (Level 5).

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Atari 400:

Pacman - 30 min.


My wife had an Atari 400 as her family computer as a kid and 5-6 years ago it went from her dad's house to ours. This week I finally got around to installing the 48k ram upgrade and Super Color CPU Card (UAV) in it. Found a Zenith ZVM-130 s-video monitor that kinda matches the system. The colors not 100% but it's good enough for me.


Her father was a amateur carpenter so the 400 is mounted to a piece of wood.


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I mixed it up some this past week for Classic Gaming along with continuing my playthrough of FF2US.  I'm almost done with my replay of the game!  (Just lack the Lunar Dungeon and the big bad at the end)


Q*Bert - 105 minutes
Wizard of Wor - 60 minutes


Final Fantasy II US (FFIV) -- 607 minutes


Air Zonk -- 210 minutes
Bonk's Adventure -- 60 minutes


TurboGrafx CD:
Bonk III: Bonk's Big Adventure -- 15 minutes

Forgotten Worlds -- 60 minutes
Super Air Zonk: Rockabilly-Paradise -- 30 minutes
Star Parodier -- 75 minutes

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Hydlide 3 - 310 minutes



Numbertron - 250 minutes


Well, I played a whole lot of two games and two games only.




Let me just say, I love Hydlide 3 but damn my choice of screen made it hard to read. Of course the picture is my starting character stats, not the the greatest but hey Monk is supposed to be the "hard mode" of classes. Barely legible numbers just adds to that "hard mode" experience. I'm actually really excited about playing the MSX version, I recently bought my first MSX (A Mitsubishi ML-8000) and I knew I had to have Hydlide 1/2/3 because I do quite like the games. Didn't actually beat it, I ended up dying at the 255 minute mark and forgot to ever save the game but whatever, next week?




And then there's Numbertron. Brought the MZ-80C back out as I've devoted some of my free time towards porting FujiNet to the Sharp, a silly task but one I think would be cool, so I had to also grab the Numbertron tape. Still love the hell out of this game, Sharpworks still has copies for sale, and other than "it's a really fun puzzle game" I don't have a ton to say. Give it a shot some day, it's real simple and getting high scores honestly feels great.


I'm honestly unsure what I'm doing this upcoming week for games, I have a lot of hardware projects mapped out. Maybe I'll try Half Life on the 9821Ra266 again? I bought this fat Voodoo Banshee card and I think so far the most I've used it on is Cave Story, not a hard game for even a Pentium II 266 on its own, so I should push it a little.

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Not quite as explosive as last week, but some new things…


Atari 2600:

Wizard of Wor - 25 minutes for HSC

Missile Command - 35 minutes for HSC


Atari 7800:

Rampage - 25 minutes for HSC

Asteroids - 20 minutes




Crossbow - 20 minutes of going back where I came from. It was like it wasn’t showing the colored paths until I selected one… is that how it’s supposed to work?




Robotron 2084 - 45 minutes and my lifetime high score thanks to a dual stick gamepad



Atari Lynx:

Super Asteroids/Missile Command - 35 minutes for HSC






Ballistic - 20 minutes with a remote control.






Slam Tilt - 35 minutes on the Night of the Demon table for a challenge on Antstream Arcade, got a gold medal.






Pinball Quest - 15 minutes on Circus Circus table






Pinball Dreams - 15 minutes of barely playable Ignition table. Lag seemed really bad on this with a Bluetooth VCS modern controller.



Game Gear:


Hurricanes - 15 minutes.



Darius Extra Version - 45 minutes including one full run with Tiat on the top route.





Space Invaders Part II - 25 minutes on an Antstream Arcade no miss challenge




Vectorblade - 25 minutes



Star Trek The Motion Picture - 35 minutes including my lifetime furthest progress if not best score.



Tiger Sega Pocket Arcade:


Baseball - 45 minutes, but this flip out design has a hair trigger off switch so I never finished a single complete game. This is a really fun and impressive game. The Deion Sanders baseball game is somewhat different, but I don’t remember how different.



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18 hours ago, neogeo1982 said:

Sega Dreamcast:

Phantasy Star Online - 780min

The tracker now has entries both for Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Online Ver 2, which I understand is an expanded version. I'm not sure if it can be called a sequel, and probably you've played the original version, but I mention this just to let you know.

3 hours ago, jgkspsx said:


Ballistic - 20 minutes with a remote control.

After some consideration, I decided to sort Nuon into the Modern tracker since it was launched "early 2000" which coincides with the Japanese release of the PS2. Thus the handful of 2000 A.D. arcade games would still be the most recent in the Classic tracker.

17 hours ago, Steven Pendleton said:

Oops, a correction to make:

They really did totally change the international versions in quite a few ways, ruining them in the process. Japanese version is easily the best one.

Got it! Actually that was my assumption that if you didn't make a specific mention, you would be playing the Japanese version. 🙂

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I know others are dying to know, so an update on the Tiger Sega Pocket Arcade baseball duo after spending some quality time with Deion Sanders this afternoon.




The LCD design is similar if not identical, but the gameplay isn’t the same at all. Pitching is much improved, and less of a dichotomy between trying to use the normal controls and getting shelled vs hitting Turbo and striking out almost every batter; hitting is more balanced and you hit a lot more fouls and pop flies, and get thrown out while running the bases much more often. There are some nice new touches like the catcher throwing the ball back to the pitcher after a strike or a ball.


They’re both good but the Deion Sanders revision/sequel is definitely superior.

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2 hours ago, carlsson said:

Phantasy Star Online

Sorry, yes just the first version.

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A pretty standard week for gaming around here, with a good mix of classic Atari 2600 time both for the high score club and just for the enjoyment of myself and Mrs. Skippy, plus a fair bit of modern gaming spread across a couple different titles. 


For my modern gaming this week I finished my playthrough of Alien: Isolation on Nightmare difficulty and once again felt like I should have played it on Hard instead, since having next to nothing in the way of ammo or crafting supplies made some of the later parts of the game intensely frustrating; but I did manage to finish the game in spite of the lack of resources. After that I spent the rest of the week playing through Yoku's Island Express for the first time, which for those unfamiliar with it is a Metroidvania style pinball game with all the charm and whimsy of a Kirby game.


I ended up enjoying Yoku's Island Express so much that after beating it I went back and put several more hours into the game until I had seen all there was to see, done all there was to do, and achieved 100% completion. It's not often I go for 100% in a big expansive modern game, but this one was just so darn fun I really couldn't put it down! Yoku's Island Express was definitely one of those rare perfect 10 games for me :)







Ineligible (All Nintendo Switch)

Alien: Isolation - 845 minutes

Yoku's Island Express - 650 minutes


Atari 2600
Adventure - 33 minutes
Dungeon - 45 minutes
Missile Command - 106 minutes
Wizard of Wor - 123 minutes

Total Video Game Play Time This Week
1,802 minutes (30 hours 2 minutes) [307 minutes eligible]


Individual System Play Times This Week
Nintendo Switch: 1,495 minutes
Atari 2600: 307 minutes


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I spent more time on music stuff this week so the result is less gaming.


Super Off-Road: The Baja for SNES - 62 minutes

Tuff E Nuff for SNES - 20 minutes



Super Off-Road: The Baja - played through all race lengths on Beginner mode.

Tuff E Nuff - beat the game on Easy mode as Syoh.

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On 1/17/2022 at 3:27 AM, twoquickcapri said:

Atari 400:

Pacman - 30 min.


My wife had an Atari 400 as her family computer as a kid and 5-6 years ago it went from her dad's house to ours. This week I finally got around to installing the 48k ram upgrade and Super Color CPU Card (UAV) in it. Found a Zenith ZVM-130 s-video monitor that kinda matches the system. The colors not 100% but it's good enough for me.


Her father was a amateur carpenter so the 400 is mounted to a piece of wood.


That Zenith monitor is hawt!

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Here's the summary for Week 02, running from Jan 10 - 16. We logged 6364 minutes of eligible play, playing 66 games on a total of 23 systems.


Top 10:


1. Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast) - 780 min.
2. Final Fantasy II (IV) (SNES) - 607 min. (#1)
3. Tetris (NES/Famicom) - 450 min. (#5)
4. Pac-Dude Monster Maze 3D (CoCo 3) - 320 min.
5. Hydlide 3: The Space Memories (MSX) - 310 min.
6. Missile Command (Atari 2600) - 281 min.
7. Numbertron (Sharp MZ-80K) - 250 min.
8. Zaku (Atari Lynx) - 220 min.
9. Punkic Cyborgs (Air Zonk) (TG-16/PC Engine) - 210 min. (#10)
10. Great American Cross Country Road Race (Atari 8-bit) - 204 min.


Pre-NES top 10:


1. Hydlide 3 (MSX) - 310 min.
2. Missile Command (Atari 2600) - 281 min. (PN#6)
3. Numbertron (Sharp MZ-80K) - 250 min.
4. Great American Cross Country Road Race (Atari 8-bit) - 204 min.
5. Wizard of Wor (Atari 2600) - 153 min.
6. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 129 min. (PN#1)
7. Q*Bert (Arcade) - 105 min.
8. Jr. Pac-Man (Atari 2600) - 93 min.
9. Fast Track (C64) - 71 min.
10. Eggomania (Atari 2600) - 65 min.


Top 10 systems:


1. Atari 2600 - 926 min. (#2)
2. Dreamcast - 840 min.
3. NES/Famicom - 730 min. (#4)
4. SNES - 704 min. (#1)
5. Atari Lynx - 500 min. (#13)
6. CoCo 3 - 320 min. (#24)
7. MSX - 310 min. (#9)
8. Arcade - 301 min. (#7)
9. TG-16/PC Engine - 270 min. (#3)
10. Sega Saturn - 254 min. (#8)


Two different Japanese RPGs battle for first place this week, of which Phantasy Star Online becomes the most played one ahead of Final Fantasy II (IV). Four different pre-NES systems make the overall list, of which Hydlide 3 on MSX1 (the game also exists in a MSX2 version by the way) is about 30 min ahead of Missile Command on the 2600. The Atari returns as #1 on the systems list, which is back to the "normal" 20+ systems.


Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast) becomes member #477 in the 1000 Minute Club with 1180 minutes in total.  Its extended version PSO Ver 2 joined this club already back in late 2017 (total 1245 min) so the two versions are almost equal by now.

Edited by carlsson
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Atari 2600

Centipede - 20min

Saboteur - 15min

Xevious - 15min


Atari Jaguar 

Tempest 2000 - 40min

Raiden - 30min


Sega Dreamcast

NFL2K1 - 45min

Phantasy Star Online - 827min

    Worked up to mines on Hard mode offline.



Atari Lynx

YNXA - 105min 

    Finally beat the game.

Always Winter Never Christmas - 45min

Yastuna The Alchemy of Cubes - 45min

Qix - 20min

Double Dragon - 20min

Critter Championship - 30min



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Tried some new stuff on MiSTer, namely the X68000, which is still a beta and definitely needs a lot of improvement in a lot of areas. I mentioned over on the modern tracker that I might take a break from shooting games for a while, but I have not decided. I might still credit feed my way through a few of them, though.


1941 Counter Attack (Japan) - 25
DoDonPachi - 25
In the Hunt - 38

I credit-fed my way through both the first loop of DDP for the first time and all of In the Hunt for the first time. Guess which one ate more credits. I'll just tell you now: it was not DDP. DDP took me 8 credits. In the Hunt took me 24! What the hell! Yes, this game is WAY more difficult than the first loop of DDP is, but maybe I'm just bad (probably both, but mostly the latter). DDP's second loop is where that game gets serious, though, not the first loop.

Xexex (Japan) - 52

Speaking of games with crazy second loops, apparently the second loop of Xexex is actually one of the single most difficult shooting games of all time. I mean like harder than Image Fight or R-Type II's loop 2. That sounds absolutely terrifying. I might have to try it some day!


Andro Dunos - 10
Garou: Mark of the Wolves - 6
Neo Turf Masters - 9
Shock Troopers - 6
Xeno Crisis - 3

Tried the Neo Geo on the MiSTer instead of the AES this time and it works basically perfectly. I think I am probably going to retire my AES after using the MiSTer, but no way am I getting rid of the AES.


Soukyuugurentai - 127


Slap Fight MD - 26
Tatsujin - 22
Zero Wing - 58


Akumajou Dracula - 8
Asuka 120% BURNING Fest. - 6

Unplayable on MiSTer due to it running extremely slowly. Don't bother with it on MiSTer's X68000 core for now. Play Asuka 120% on Saturn or PS1 instead. Apparently this X68000 version is getting an official (?) port to the Japanese Mega Drive soon and they are making a new Asuka 120% as well, both of which are rather interesting, but I have not heard any news about either of those projects for over a year now and I wonder what's going on with those 2 games now.
Chourensha 68k - 28

Holy crap. I can't believe how awesome this game is. Instantly made it into the top 10 best shooters I have ever played. Don't ask me what the other 9 are because I don't know, but one of them is Battle Garegga and one is R-Type. If you have an X68000 or even if you don't, you must play this game somehow.
R-Type - 6

Smaller sprites than the arcade version, loss of animation compared to the arcade version, and the music is okay at best. This is still a good version of R-Type, but I expected the X68000 version would be basically arcade perfect and was overall disappointed with this version.
Thunder Force II - 10

It's here: the original Thunder Force II, which has never been rereleased and is still exclusive to the X68000. This game is WAY harder than Thunder Force II MD and it wants you dead the instant you start playing the first stage and I love it. Now I really wish Tecno Soft had released this version on the Saturn, which could absolutely handle it, but they didn't and we got a (very good) port of Thunder Force II MD instead. Sadness.

Edited by Steven Pendleton
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ATARI 2600:

Jr. Pac-Man - 40 minutes

Wizard of Wor (for HSC) - 10 minutes


ATARI 7800:

Beef Drop (for HSC) - 25 minutes

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Atari 8-bit:
Donkey Kong - 55 min.


The first round of the A8 HSC 2022 started today, Sunday with a true classic. Not one of my dearest favorites, but the frustration to reach further makes it playable anyhow. We played DK last time in Feb 2020 so quite recent for a replay. Back then my score was good enough for 25th place or something. We'll see how many participants the HSC sees this year and whether I can improve my score.


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Here are my times for this past week (January 17th through 23rd, 2022) on classic systems:



Donkey Kong Junior - 3 min.
Do! Run Run - 3 min.
Eggs - 3 min.
Galaxian - 2 min.
Gals Panic - 3 min.
Gyruss - 11 min.
Hyper Sports - 4 min.
Ikari Warriors - 3 min.
Joust - 3 min.
Juno First - 3 min.
Krull - 2 min.
Loco-Motion - 6 min.
Lunar Lander - 3 min.


On the classic side, I only played arcade games this week. I continued the compatibility check I started last week, hence the big number of games with only a few minutes each. Amazingly, for most of the games a playing time of 3 minutes is more or less the norm for the first try. On Gyruss I really played two games, not one, as I did on Hyper Sports, and Loco-Motion is the exception where I managed to survive for 6 minutes on first try because I've played that game extensively before. Also, Lunar Lander does not belong to the compatibility test, but I played it on purpose after watching a video about easter eggs which mentions a PDP-11 version which lets you visit a McDonalds on the moon by going far enough away from the main landing site. While there may not be a McDonalds there, I believe there is a moon base hidden somewhere where even extra-terrestrials are working which are a bit more advanced than us humans here on Earth. Just wait until the Earth joins the Galactic Federation...

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Atari 2600

Frostbite - 10 minutes

Kaboom! - 19 minutes

Solar Fox - 59 minutes

Wizard of Wor - 28 minutes



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1 hour ago, Atarian7 said:

Atari 2600

Frostbite - 10 minutes

Kaboom! - 19 minutes

Solar Fox - 59 minutes

Wizard of Wor - 28 minutes




any new high scores on solar Fox?

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  • Shunting Puzzle - 60 minutes


Dragon 32|

  • Downland - 175 minutes


Tandy Color Computer 2

  • Downland - 130 minutes
  • Touchstone - 30 minutes


Tandy Color Computer 3

  • A Mazing World of Malcom Mortar - 40 minutes


ZX Spectrum

  • The Train Game - 100 minutes
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Another week of playing a little bit of column a, a little bit of column b... c... d... m... p... s... x... z.


Lag with the VCS wireless controller was just too bad, and my VCS's sound crapped out, but I already paid the annual no-ads subscription to Antstream Arcade, so I guess I'm a PC gamer again :)




Xexex (Arcade, JP) - 35 minutes. @Steven Pendleton sold me on it. It is really stretching my shmup abilities...


Would you believe these screenshots are from the same game?? 




Atari 2600


Wizard of Wor - 65 minutes for HSC


Atari 7800


Centipede - 15 minutes.


Atari Jaguar


ReBOOTed - 45 minutes for HSC


Atari Lynx


Super Asteroids and Missile Command - 30 minutes for HSC.


Commodore Amiga (on Antstream arcade)


Disposable Hero - 60 minutes




Commodore 64 (on Antstream arcade)


Splat! - 60 minutes



GCE Vectrex:


Spike Gets Squished - 35 minutes. 10000 still eludes me.



EDIT: HAAAAA! One more time before bed did the trick!!




LCD handhelds:


Congo (Tiger VRT-X) - 45 minutes. Pretty fun, got to level 4 of 5. Tiger just shoved so many gameplay ideas in these when something simpler would have been more fun, but you have to give them credit for the ambition (?). This line had holographic backgrounds. This one doesn’t really add to the gameplay but it does look cool.




GCE Chase n Counter - 150 minutes across three games. All of these games have the same player sprite consisting of 3 LCD segments - I think of them as legs and a body. Moving has tank controls for two of the games and in the other requires to you move one leg forward and then the other, leading to some very subtle strategies. It's amazing what they did with essentially calculator segments. The guy who created this, Chris Sloper, went on to make Bedlam for the Vectrex; you can read his fascinating reminiscences here.




Treasure Trek (GCE Chase n Counter) - 75 minutes. This is the most original game of the handheld. You break into different rooms of the temple and steal a treasure in each, dealing with arrows, falling boulders, and snakes. Completely original idea and not inspired by any movies, nope, nope. It's really fun and I really want to make a simulation of this for GCE's more famous system, the Vectrex. The arrows are unfair, though.


Double Cross (GCE Chase n Counter) - 45 minutes. This is a Frogger clone but it's more like Freeway for the 2600. It's much simpler than Frogger but somehow quite addictive.


Chomp n Chase (GCE Chase n Counter) - 30 minutes. This is a Pacman clone of sorts where you are just after the power pellets. It's kind of like Pac Man crossed with Berzerk? It gets a little too hard, but it's fun too.


Tempest (Tiger Classic Arcade) - 25 minutes. It's more fun than the 2600 prototype! Interesting gameplay rule changes.


Warhawk (Tiger Game Grips) - 25 minutes across several play sessions. It is kind of two games in one - a behind the ship view and a cockpit view. It's much easier in behind the ship view. I would love to find a manual for this so I know what I'm doing. This is pretty similar to the excellent Panzer Dragoon R-Zone game.




Milton Bradley Microvision:


Star Trek Phaser Strike - 20 minutes. I know everybody hates this but I kind of like it.


Nintendo Famicom/NES:


3D Worldrunner (NES) - 20 minutes. Because of the dragon I thought of this as a Space Harrier takeoff but it really is its own thing and quite fun.




Mendel Palace - 45 minutes. Created by Game Freak of Pokemon fame, this uncategorizable game mixes puzzle, brawler, and single screen arcade game ingredients to great effect. Super weird.




Nuts and Milk (Famicom) - 45 minutes. I can't believe Nintendo let Hudson get away with this, but it's lots of fun.




Mario Bros - 15 minutes




Nintendo Game Boy:


Miner 2049er (Game Boy) - 35 minutes of not believing it's really that hard. (The first level is one of the hardest of the first few.) Worst, it goes back to the title screen the instant you die and does not show your high score at all. Sheesh. Also he looks like Wario.




Nintendo Game Boy Color:


3D Ultra Pinball - 95 minutes split between easy, normal, and hard. Hard is almost unplayable on the Analogue Pocket because stray vertical dpad inputs cause it to tilt. I think they need to rework the d pad contacts :( 


Nintendo Super Nintendo:


Whizz! - 35 minutes of isometric frustration. If you played Sonic 3D Blast and said to yourself, "I want another game just like this but harder", well, here's your huckleberry. (I do enjoy the frustration.)


Troddlers - 75 minutes. A Lemmings/Man Overboard takeoff that is a true gem and in the same class as those classics. I literally had never heard of it before I saw the copy I bought. Someday people will realize it exists.


Sega Game Gear:


Tama and Friends 3rd Street Park Tamalympics (Game Gear) - 45 minutes


Abject failure on the whole olympics after many attempts and serious practice on two of the categories. Poor kitty. May be the cutest game ever.




Sega Genesis: 


Metal Dragon - 35 minutes. This fun mashup of a run n gun and a bullet hell game was made by @Kai_Magazine and posted on the Genesis forum here. It is a really fun and funny addition to the library. I would post a screenshot but most of the funny ones have curse words in them 😅


Sega Master System:


Golden Axe Warrior - 45 minutes. It's a little known fact that this game's working title was "The Zegend of Lelda". Man I forgot how hard it is.


Reggie Jackson Baseball - 40 minutes. The mark of a good baseball game is that you can enjoy it while getting pasted. This is a terrific game that still plays very well. Fielding is actually fun. I suck at batting and pitching, though. I got better at batting but not at pitching...



plus it has dugout clearing brawls and a hellscape diamond



Sega SG-1000:

Borderline - 15 minutes
Dragon Wang - 20 minutes

Hustle Chumy - 75 minutes

Zaxxon - 75 minutes


Tiger Sega Pocket Arcade:


Amazing Sonic (Tiger Sega Pocket Arcade) - 35. The Sonic games really are some of the best games in this line. I understand this one better now and got quite far. I was up to 8000 points, which I guess means I almost rolled the score?



Columns (Tiger Sega Pocket Arcade) - 15 minutes. This would be very good but the buttons barely work 😕 




Deion Sanders Baseball - 35 minutes (see above for photos)


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First time participating, had a lot of fun this week.  Week ending jan 23

Intellivision games were played on Intellivision II, NES games on a retrousb AVS, snes games on an Analogue SuperNT


16 min   INTV    Christmas Carol and the Ghost of christmas presents    
40 min   INTV    frog bog        
91 min   INTV    Shark Shark

Started playing this for high score contest..  Doing terribly at that so far but having a blast!
My daughter who is 5 saw and decided she wanted to try
so we played together a bit but she wasn't too impressed
and asked for other games.  She was very impressed 
by christmas carol, but it was difficult for her
frog bog was a huge hit because she was beating me.

7   min   NES     Marble Madness
32 min   SNES   X-MEN Mutant Apocalypse    


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