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SAMS card reference documentation

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10 hours ago, retroclouds said:


Would be cool if SAMS > 1MB exist that can be split up in 1MB partitions. That way you’d have multiple virtual 1MB cards.

Think that could be a good way for running multiple SAMS programs at the same time without them stepping on eachothers toes.

Sure you’d need some way to control the partitions, but sounds doable.


Hmmm, interesting thought!  I've never looked at it that way.  The 1M partitions are defined in the LSbyte of the register WORD so you could use that to track/set virtual 1M cards?  Maybe a short routine in SRAM or cartridge space to swap them back and forth. Lots of possibilities on how to use it.

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I think you only need 8 words to represent what pages are mapped. Regardless of the size of the board. 


SAMS doesn't map pages to a memory location it maps a memory location to a page. There are only 8 usable memory location slots that can have a mapped page. 


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