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Leonard Smith

FS: Leonard's Good Stuff (Competition Pro joystick)

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Hi all,


As I noted in previous threads, I have lots of cool gaming goodies that I'll be paring down and divesting.
I'll keep this thread open for now and add to it as time allows.  Plenty more good stuff to come!

I have years of positive eBay feedback and have bought from fellow Atarians here on AA, so do not hesitate to buy from me.  I'm based in the US, so for now I'd prefer to deal mainly with American buyers. 

Paypal Only please.
Don't like my prices?  Please make an offer!  

These are mainly sales for now.  Not interested in trades, unless someone has the 3 issue set of Atarian Magazine -- I might be interested in those.

Please keep in mind that I do my best to ship quickly, but due to my work schedule I occasionally ship on weekends when I can get to the post office.

1. **** SOLD ****Xbox 360 "Pure White" Controller / Unused  ($25 + FREE shipping for US residents)
These are somewhat limited due to only being included with the later special edition "white" Xbox 360 S redesigned consoles.  They differ from the normal white controllers in that the back is pure white (no gray) and the D-pad, Triggers, and thumbsticks are a lighter shade of gray.  Getting harder to find new OEM 360 controllers, so here's your chance to complete your 360 accessories collection. 
This one was never used.  Even includes the original battery cover.





2. **** SOLD **** Apple II Mouse  ($50 + FREE SHIPPING for US residents)
Looking for that elusive Apple II mouse to pair with your IIE?  Here you go! 
Functionally it looks the same as any early Mac mouse, but it's all monocolored and has a different part number.  That being said, I tested it recently on my Mac 128K and it seems to work fine.  





3. SpeedLink COMPETITION PRO Extra USB Joystick - $28 + Shipping
These are tough to find in the US.  I imported this one from Amazon UK as I was fed up with the overly stiff units included with the C64 remake.  It's got LOUD microswitches on the stick and fire buttons, if you like that sort of thing.  Personally I couldn't warm up to it and used it a few times before deciding I'm a dome/ leaf switch Joystick lover. 
Comes with the original box, instructions and even an unused code for some C64 game downloads. 

284669575_speedlink4.thumb.jpg.ef96c654a4b4cdd212a3d60f4f5d766b.jpg  1593388431_speedlink3.thumb.jpg.553c1be7f193fd137fa94a450bf899df.jpg





4. *** SOLD ***Nintendo "NEW" 3DS Console (Special smaller version) COMPLETE!  $160.00 (shipping included for US residents)
Released mainly through Target and some Walmart stores in 2016, this is a SMALLER version of the 'new' 3DS (better 3D tracking, dual thumbsticks, and faceplates).  Harder to find than the bulky 3DS XL and I think easier to play.

Almost brand new and rarely used by me.  I've formatted the device so this will be factory reset and ready to go for its new owner!  It's immaculate and clean.  Battery holds a charge beautifully, screens are scratch free and bright -- this is adult owned and well taken care of, so good luck finding one in this kind of condition.  The only caveat is that the pre-installed Super Mario 3D Land game is no longer on the system after I factory formatted it.

What's Included:
1. Nintendo 'New' 3DS console
2. Original box, manuals and even the AR cards!
3. Original faceplates X 3
(One with Mario, One with 8-bit characters and One white version that I'm throwing in for free)  The white faceplate has cool character designs and is installed on the system in the photos.
4. Original AC Adapter with box









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Adjusted some prices and added a few free shipping options.

These are some quality (adult owned and not manhandled like half the stuff you find on eBay) at better-than-eBay prices!

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**** SOLD****
5.  Nintendo 3DS games bundle (SOLD)

Need some games for your 3DS?  
Hate buying used games from Gamestop or eBay and receiving broken cases, sticky carts and manhandled plastic?
Well, here you go!  These 3 are from my personal collection and have been lovingly cared for.  Even the clear vinyl on the plastic cases is free of scuffs and scratches!

Price includes ALL 3 games and include whatever paperwork and goodies that they came with ....the Sega 3D classics even includes the free stickers (unused!).  Some of the later releases went to online manuals, but I do include the original viewing instructions guidebook.

1. Yoshi's New Island (Case, paperwork and game cartridge)

2. Super Mario 3D Land (Case, instruction manuals, and cartridge)
3. Sega 3D Classics Collection (Case, Cartridge, paperwork and unused stickers!)





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Updated prices.
Not looking to make a ton of money on this stuff.  Just looking for new homes where this will be used and appreciated!

Make me an offer if you feel prices are not in line.  

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More adjustments to pricing.


Kind of surprised that no one's buying.

Lots of good stuff, and more to come as things pare down!
If stuff doesn't sell, then it's off to eBay or the trash bin.

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