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Lines on screen, but not always...

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Okay, so when playing my Jaguar, I get these vertical lines on the screen.  I think they get worse the longer I play, so maybe a heat related thing as the console warms up?  But, they're not always there.  I've attached a couple of screen shots below.  These were taken after playing for around 6 hours pretty much continuously.  The one with the lines was just a little before the "game over" screen.  So they're not always there.  It's on all games, so it's not the game.  Only thing else I've noticed is that the wall wart power supply will start buzzing after a while, but I've read that is common for older wall warts.  It is an OG Jaguar wall wart, btw, not an aftermarket or universal replacement...


Anyway, any ideas?  Is my system dying?  Maybe need caps replaced? (I've never opened it up.)


Also, these screenshots were taken while streaming, so there's a good bit of things going on (Composite cord (not OEM) to Retrotink 2x, to Elgato, to LCD TV), but the same lines show up when using the original RF adapter, so I don't think it has anything to do with the above listed adapters/hardware.




no lines.jpg

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These pictures show a horizontally squeezed image.

I assume that is not what you have on your LCD tv display?

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The screenshots are from video after going through OBS and Twitch and whatever, and may be a bit out of 4:3 because I just eyeballed it, but none of that really matters. I see them on my TV whether I’m going through all that stuff or not. Flatscreen, CRT, rf, composite adapter, through upscaler or straight to tv, whatever… the lines are there. 

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Unfortunately no.  I'd like to get one of the Gamedrives, but just can't afford it right now.

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Posted (edited)

Sorry if the bump feels necro.
I have the same issue but to a lesser extent (no more that one vertical line). It only shows one line at a time on mine.
Cybermorph is the worst offender and it does this on both the 1993 and 1994 carts i have but stronger or even absent in some areas of the game/maps.
AVP shows it too but at a different place of the screen and Doom only has a dot the stats bar and it doesn't move, just flickers or disappears.
It does it on any screen and type of cable (RGB/official)
I don't have a means to capture video and a screenshot would only show a few dots at a time.
It does it on any screen. It's not that annoying in my case but still i'd like to fix it
No Gamedrive nor Skunkboard to use the test but it reads a lot like what is not supposed to happen with the "white cry" test.

I intent to test components for voltage soon but i'm no tech guy so i don't even know how to do it😟

I really hope it's something that can be fixed and not a faulty/damaged chip...
It's my main jag atm and i modded it to 60hz (It did it before the mod)
It's a french model [K13C006824]

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