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older laptops available

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If anyone is interested in any of the following, I can get you more specs.

Every laptop has an optical drive (as I recall).  If I had notes on the specific unit I have indicated specifically which type below.

I did not have notes on memory sizes for many, and not on memory amount (where I did have a note, I've detailed below). 


Most (if not all) the MacBooks have Windows 10 on them.  The MacBook Pros could have Win10 or an older MacOS on them (I'd have to check)

The PowerBook G4s have an older MacOS on them (of course).


All laptops will come with a power adapter, unless I can't locate one, in which case I'll add that info if I can't find it (I did have power adapters for all of these, though I could have been short an adapter for the MacBooks..... hopefully not).


I was going to finish setting these up for local sale, but I haven't gotten to it in over a year, so time to let these go.


I am open to reasonable offers.  The Windows compatible machines can run up to Windows 10 (and Win 10 is on most of them (I upgraded them from I think Win7 during the free Win10 upgrade period)).  Therefore they can run everyday software.... they just are not powerfull machines.  But for net surfing, e-mail, office/etc, these are fine.  The Macs are obviously good for running older MacOS versions as well.


Here is the list, I may have some other laptops to add to this once I go through them.


Compaq Presario 2500 (2585US), pentium 4 laptop, excellent condition
Dell Latitude E4300, core 2 duo P9400 @ 2.4GHz, 4G RAM, DVD+/-RW, WXGA, no battery
Apple MacBook (W88191Y70P2), black, some chips out of front palm wrest (as usual for this model)2.4Ghz
Apple MacBook (W8718HWXYA4), black, some chips out of front palm wrest (as usual for this model)2.16Ghz
Apple MacBook (RM81359MZ62), white, some chips out of front palm wrest (as usual for this model)2 Ghz, 6G RAM, CW-8221
Apple MacBook (4H6390DTWBV), white, NO chips out of front palm wrest, 2 Ghz
Apple MacBook Pro (W86453V1W0H), A1211, 2.33GHz
Apple MacBook Pro (W8722FE2X91), A1226, 2.2GHz, no battery
Apple MacBook Pro (W873464FX91), A1226, 2.2GHz
Apple MacBook Pro (W87010KTX6B), A1211, 2.33GHz, no battery (empty 'pack')
Apple PowerBook G4 (W84420JYQW3), A1095, 1.5GHz
Apple PowerBook G4 (W85061ZRXQ7), A1106, 1.67GHz


PM me if interested in any, want more data on a specific system, and of course with offers. 


-- Curt



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12 hours ago, Papalapa said:

Hi, where are you from?


Sharon, MA  (about 30+m south of Boston (w/o traffic)), and 30+m north of the MA/RI line.

For locals, I'm within 15m of exists off of both 95 and 495.



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