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SID (Various Versions)

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I've always been envious of SID. And I still use the PC  C64 emulator to play SID music.  Actually, I have real C64s and a Stereo SID cartridge, but seems like too much hassle to get one out and set it up just to play some tunes since the emulator does a very good job. But if I were to use an Atari with a SID cartridge or such, how would one get the  music playable on the Atari side?  Is there any conversion software that is available?  I would think this would be useful and possible.

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As the topic was moved, here is my original reply:


There are different solutions that allow you to use a sid chip in your ATARI. SlightSID, SIDari, PokeyMax and Evie-Board, perhaps more. And there are players that make use of these hardware extensions. Unfortunately there is no standard for mapping the sid into ATARIs address space so you need players that make use of the correct address.


These are available SID players. 






You can also try to convert SID-songs to POKEY but this is a manual process (so you have to enter the notes and instruments manually) because as far as I know .sid songs come with their own player routine. 


Wish there were a converter from Goat Tracker (for C64) to Raster Music Tracker (for ATARI).

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