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Atari 2600 UAV no color

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Hi everyone.  I have installed the UAV mod kit on many 2600’s in the past, but this time I am getting no color.  Perfect image in black and white, and the color switch is working (b&w “changes” when switched). The color pot alters the image slightly as well, so I don’t believe that is the problem.  I have tried lifting pin six as well even though color saturation isn’t the issue. The board was producing color before the install, and I am connecting to the pins of the 10440 in the bottom of the board as I always have before.  I swapped in a second UAV pcb which gave the same result, and even tried another working 2600 board which only gave black and white as well.  The PCBs look fine (I’m not seeing any missing components).  Anyone ever encounter this before?  I am wondering if somehow it’s a bad batch of UAVs at this point, but I’ve never had a single bad pcb up until now.  Thanks!imageproxy.php?img=&key=f4dcc336a70d5c68



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It looks like either the chroma or luma pin on the s-video jack was being grounded.  I did check through the composite, so I must have not adjusted the pot enough to give color at that time.  Thanks!

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