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Xetec Graphix AT issue

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I am trying out this Xetec Graphix AT printing interface I bought some time ago, so I set up my 800XL, my Seikosha GP500A printer, and the Xetec.

I don't have the Xetec interface manual, so I am using the one available on Archive.org as a reference ( https://archive.org/details/XetecGraphixAtUserManual/page/n9/mode/2up ).

For the moment, I have been able to print normal plain text, but I am having issues trying to print ATASCII special characters, like hearts in my example.

Please see this picture:




When you execute the LPRINT command, nothing happens. You execute it again, nothing happens. On the third try, the printer prints what you see on the picture.

Here's my current dip-switch setting:




1 - on: NLQ on

2 - off: Auto Line Feeds off (in interface)

3 - on: Graphix mode (print text and Atari graphics)

4 - off: Normal (Convert 155 to 13)

5,6,7 - off: Epson

8 - off: Normal (Pass Bit 8)


At this point I am not clear if I have a faulty interface, or is it just a matter of mis-configured dip-switches.


One thing that I am clear is that this interface needs a little hardware modification in order to be able to use it with a 1200XL computer. However, I am using an 800XL.

I have opened the interface, and noticed the board layout is somehow different from the one shown on the manual at Archive.org, the placement of the components does not match exactly as pictured.

In addition to that, I found this thread where user MEtalGuy66 provides a switch order different than the one shown on the manual at Archive.org.


Are there functionally different versions of this interface?

Is there another version of the manual, describing different dip-switch order?


Please let me know any recommendations on how to troubleshoot this issue


Kind regards,



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in the forum post you reference it links to a mag article and it says something about draft mode vs better quality. I don't know if nlq (near leter quality) is that mode or not, also switch 4 you might try as you say it doesnt do anything several tries.  maybe eol or line feed (4) is incorrect. finally printer type bits (5-7) maybe 8? there were many printers of the era that said they were epson compat, but you had to screw around with settings , or didn't work right. 

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Pin 3 is the one that prints ATASCII.  Try pin 1 off and see if that fixes it.  Also, put an end quote on your Lprint statement.  If it doesn't line advance, you need to set pin 2.

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Well, when using the Xetec interface with a 1200XL, you just need to modify the 1200XL and it'll work like any other Atari 8-bit. There's a resistor on the PCB to remove off the SIO which is replaced with a jumper wire. This is useful for other SIO powered devices, too. Don't modify the Xetec! I don't remember which one it is so please research this.


Does the Seikosha printer emulate Epson printer commands? I'm not familiar with that brand but it might.


Here's the Xetec DIP settings I would try:

1 - off - NLQ mode on will NOT print graphics

2 - off: Auto Line Feeds off (in interface) - however, your program will need to provide them! Send both CHR$(13) and CHR$(10) methinks. Do not use a semicolon at the end of your output.

3 - on: Graphix mode (print text and Atari graphics) - this is correct

4 - off: Normal (Convert 155 to 13) - should be Do NOT convert 155 to 13. Your output will take over line feed control and carriage returns. Works in tandem with DIP switch 2. If you're sending graphics to the printer, you don't want the interface changing your data.

5,6,7 - off: Epson - You may have to play with this until you find a setting which works.

8 - off: Normal (Pass Bit 8 ) - This is correct. You're sending 8 bits per byte, not 7.


I would try using OPEN to print your text, print it and append characters 13 and 10 at the end, then close it to force the output.


The Xetec has a nice built in font in NLQ mode which works in tandem with Graphix mode. I used a Xetec with an Epson RX80 for years and I can remember setting it to print ATASCII in program listings, then setting it to print with TextPro+ 4.0. 

If you set the Xetec to do Auto Line Feeds, then you have to also have convert 155 to 13 for the carriage return, too. Leave out the line feeds and everything prints on top of each other in 1 line. 


I can remember seeing the graphical results of a 155 byte being converted to 13. Easy to spot. It's been a while since I had daily use of a printer on my 8-bit so I hope I remember it right. Just have fun testing it.


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