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Colecovision List of Simultaneous Multiplayer Games

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What games on the ColecoVision have simultaneous multiplayer gameplay? Please include official games, homebrew, and game hacks in the list. The only game I know of is Mario Bros.

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What about SAFootball (american football), SAFootball(american soccer), and SABaseball? I don't play these types of games, but they are advertised as "head-to-head"...

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Joust for sure. 😀  Track & Field too!

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Forgot about T&F

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Here's the list for the legacy commercial games, and I also added the Team Pixelboy titles with two-player versus or co-op modes.


- Activision Decathlon (supports up to four players, qualifies as multiplayer IMHO)

- Alphabet Zoo (has a two-player competitive mode for picking up letters in the maze)

- Artillery Duel (turned-based, but still qualifies for this list as a versus game, since there's no one-player mode)

- Blockade Runner (co-op mode hardly worth mentioning)

- Brain Strainers

- Cabbage Patch Kids - Picture Show (again, hardly worth mentioning)

- Campaign '84 (turned-based, but still counts as a versus game)

- Dance Fantasy (two players can each control a dancer simultaneously)

- Fortune Builder

- Ken Uston Blackjack/Poker (if you think playing together at the same casino table qualifies as multiplayer)

- Omega Race (head-to-head mode)

- One-on-One

- Pitstop (only one player can race at a time, other players have to wait their turn, but still qualifies as multiplayer)

- Rocky - Super Action Boxing

- Smurf - Paint 'n Play Workshop (if this can be called a game at all...)

- Super Action Baseball

- Super Action Football

- Super Action Football (Soccer)

- Super Cross Force

- Tournament Tennis

- WarGames (co-op mode hardly worth mentioning)

- Word Feud


Team Pixelboy games will multiplayer modes:


- Asteroids

- Championship Pro Wrestling

- Gauntlet

- Heroes Arena

- Joust

- Konami's Ping-Pong

- Kralizec Tetris


- Remember The Flag

- Track & Field

- Utopia (not released yet)

- Wizard of Wor


That's all the work I'm willing to put into this post, others will have to build the list for other homebrewers.  :)



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