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PokeyONE - Atari POKEY Chip

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This chip appears to be for Arcade Boards only. Asking $50, free shipping. Located in USA.

Was considering just returning it, but perhaps someone here might find it useful, and you'd be saving around $10.


Tested it in an Atari 7800 Concerto Cart (does not work properly in BallBlazer or Commando, but does work correctly in some homebrews).

Tested it in a Atari 5200 Console (makes some of the buttons on the 5200 controllers stop working).


I've spoken to the developer about these issues, and these are some of his responses:


"The Pokey testers he's using may be testing features of the real POKEY that the P1 doesn't have, like serial communication or keyboard pulses".


"FYI the POKEY tester I built and use for quality control does the following tests:
  * data input
  * data output
  * sound on each of the four channels
  * random number generator (same RNG test that Tempest does)
  * DIP switch interface
  * keyboard interface
  * serial I/O
A working PokeyONE will pass all of these tests except the last two, but that's because the P1, by design, doesn't support those features".


"I’m pretty sure the issue is that the Concerto multi-game cartridge doesn’t play nice with the P1".


"It was never tested for that, and truly was tested for arcade games above all else, which it works flawlessly in".




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