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Leonardo Santiago

New ATARI 2600 Game - Razor's Egde

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Hello everybody.


Last Friday was the premiere of my new game "Razor's Edge" on the ZeroPage Homebrew channel.



The game is a Beat'em Up style where the player controls Sarah Stone, a reporter and expert fighter who decides to rescue her sister Vanessa who was kidnapped by the evil David Scarblade's gang.

Here is the story of the game.



The game logic was done in bB but I made a custom kernel in Assembly so I could have the graphical elements I wanted, thanks to the rich tutorials by Andrew Davie, Darrell Spice, Jr. (SpiceWare), numerous tips from here on the forum and all the material provided by Duane Hahn (RandomTerrain) on his website.


To create the game's soundtrack, I had the help of my friend Leandro Camara (Rally Racer and Zarkstars Saga) who majestically showed me the path to follow, allowing me to "compose" my own loops.


Luciano Clemente was the official beta tester and for the graphic material I had Cláudia Maria (who made the drawings for K-Jo Chases the Cheese)


For those who want to test the game, here is the small demo.


Use the joystick to move the character to all sides.

Button = Alternate punches
Button + Up = Jump Kick
Button + Down = Defense




Play Razor's Edge on Javatari


The game is finished and anyone who wants to buy it contact: [email protected]om.br


3d_front.thumb.png.b517be2ec3856a9257c2db6548f92cfb.png  Bruce.png.11a23321fa46c83561e9201c8acbfde7.png RazorsEdge.bas_dbg_add4e5c0.png.4edfebe944ebd0a1cbc6734f78c3f233.png 




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I'm really impressed with the character sprites but even more impressed with your background graphics, especially the color design.  It's simply fantastic!

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