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Atari ST specific games?

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Gauntlet 1, International Karate and Road Runner are 3 ST exclusive 16 bit games I really liked back then.

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On 6/13/2022 at 7:15 PM, ColecoGamer said:

Maybe I should shift the focus of the thread to this instead: what game did you play on the ST that made you say, “Wow! Now THIS is why I bought an ST!”

These are the games I want to experience/play.

I hope this makes sense.

For me, the Wow!  I love the ST, software was (after coming from the Atari 8bit):


Little Color Demo - Robb says "Wow!"  (enjoyed the music and the sound bars)

Arkanoid  (use the mouse)

Risk      (this game just works well on the ST)

Sundog Frozen Legacy   (perhaps my favorite overall ST game)

Millennium 2.2    (simple but very atmospheric intro, love the whole game)

Dungeon Master

Bard's Tale

The Union Demo  (it's interactive, not just 'watch and exit')

Gold Runner*


Stunt Car Racer

Captain Blood

Carrier Command    (btw the modern remake - CC2 is awesome)



I played tons of other RPGs (Phantasie Series, Ultima V, etc. on the ST, but they wouldn't be quite on my "core" ST list).


*I really wish that Yamaha ST soundchip had a 4th channel..    :)


I wouldn't necessarily recommend others play all of these but these were my favs.. 


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Posted (edited)

I played these a lot on my ST: Rainbow Islands (all time favorite game of mine, completed it on multiple platforms - although the game is almost 100% the same on most :), 8bit versions don't count of course ), Turrican 2, Dungeon Master, Supersprint, Carrier Command, Lombard RAC Rally and Pacmania (2nd place on my all time list).

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There are four pieces of software that, when I touched the ST for the first time, gave me the Wow factor:



Dungeon Master

sample of Foreign Affair by Mike Oldfield

sample of Oxygene by Jean Michael Jare


Later on, Captain Blood and Arkanoid clone with speech samples (forgot the name unfortunately) looked pretty impressive graphically.


At the end of the day though, IMHO the most impressive software for the ST line is Calamus SL, running on a Moniterm monitor. 

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