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5200 black screen - need help

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I have a 2-port 5200 running from 220V via a step-down xformer. Both VR1 and VR2 voltage regulators (LM340-5) and their heat sinks had been ripped off the m/board, so I replaced them with 7805 voltage regulators.


I've checked the voltages on the replaced VR's, and they seem to be working OK.


However, I just get a blank black screen when I power up with a cart inserted, and a rolling block screen with no cart. The screen shows red and the audio buzzes for about a quarter of a second when I hit the power switch, but then goes black.


I have the video cable from the 5200 plugged directly into the RF in of my portable LCD TV.


I need help with troubleshooting what's wrong.






PS: The "channel select" switch on my 5200 is missing - does anyone know how to wire this up correctly?

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