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For Sale: Atari Home Computers Store Display!

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Here's your chance to own an original Atari Home Computers computer demonstration center!


This is a genuine Atari-made display, the kind you'd have seen in a department store circa 1982 or thereabouts. The bottom of the unit is a shelf on which you can set up your computer or game console(s). Behind that is a long compartment covered by clear, sliding plastic panels, perfect for storing loose or boxed carts. There is a small hole in the back of the unit to thread power cords through. In the center is a hollowed area for setting up a monitor or small TV. A Commodore 1702 monitor fits in this section perfectly. Overall the unit is in very good condition, with great Atari computer screenshots, logos and slogans stenciled on plastic panels. Best of all, it even lights up! All you have to do is plug it in.




It's not lighted in the picture. NOTE: you'll only be getting the Atari display itself and the table it's resting on, not any of the games or videos shown in the picture! Also note that the "Snap-on" and American flag stickers visible in the photo have been cleanly removed.


I hate to part with this, but I'm moving soon, probably into a smaller apartment, and it would make my life easier not to have to lug this around (but if I don't receive any reasonable offers, I'll find some way to keep it). I can't say exactly how much it weighs, but it's HEAVY. Measurements are approximately 39" width x 46" height x 24" depth. The unit was designed to be displayed at eye level, so it needs to rest on a table or platform of some kind. If you buy the unit, I'll throw in a homemade table that was made specially for it. The table isn't much to look at, but it's sturdy and it holds the unit well.


I'm hoping to get $300 for it, but I'll entertain all reasonable offers. However, you must be able to pick up the unit and provide your own transportation -- I will NOT ship it. A decent-sized flatbed truck or moving van would be best. Also, you'll have to help carry it out of my apartment, which will involve muscling it down a flight of stairs. If you can bring a friend or two to help move it, that would be great! I'm located in Orange County, California, specifically on the border between Newport Beach and Costa Mesa (ZIP code: 92663).


IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm moving soon, probably by the end of December, so you MUST act quickly! First come, first served!


If you're interested, please email me at o2williamc@yahoo.com and we will discuss further details.

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if I didnt live 40 hours away I would say 'sold!


Check with Forward Air (They have a website.). They'll refer you to someone local who will come to his house, pick it up, crate it and ship it. I've had that done with antiques and it has been reasonable. From the seller's end, it is no different than having you pick it up. :)

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