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Best Games with Trackball

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I can only see playing Centipede and Missile Command with the 5200 Trak Ball. I'm not crazy about the fire button, though. I was thinking about wiring up a REAL acrade button on the left side for the main fire button. I'll keep you posted if I do.

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1 hour ago, MrRetroGamer said:

I actually did put in a leaf switch button on my trackball, let me get that picture up

You know, if you’d only waited another <4 months you’d have had a nice round 20 year necro. :) 

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So is Millipede, and also Tempest, and, to some extent, Pole Position, although I would rather they had a proper driving controller (mainly a rotary controller for a somewhat steering wheel and a stomp box (as we musicians call it, mainly a button or a foot switch) for the gas pedal, much like the dreaded Coleco had for Turbo.

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