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FS: 3DO Save Yourself...

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If anyone is interested, I have a few versions of "Save Yourself" for the 3DO format.PM if your interested. $15.00 shipped. :D










Just so you know, this game will play on any 3DO system. You don't need a dev unit. :)

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The Only info about this game can be found on this document. Close to the bottom of the page. :D





There is one last company developing a game for the 3DO. At this time, the game,

called Save Yourself, is being tested by 3DO. I am unsure as to the status of  

this game. The individual that posted the updates on this game hasn't made an  

update in many months. As the months roll by, it's becoming more and more  

unlikely that this game will see the light of day. Updates have been nonexistant

for a VERY long time, and there is no way to contact the game developers.

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