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Mystery Lynx Project

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Thanks, David, but I'd like to avoid doing demo carts when possible. Special release carts (like CinciClassic CyberVirus) are a different story, because there you're getting a complete, playable game. As much as I'd like people to be able to enjoy what's there on Ultravore, they really deserve a game with full one player and two player support.


By the same token, I could release a "demo" version of Mechtiles, but people would be pretty unimpressed by what's there. Just looks like a stripped down version of CyberVirus with different graphics and no collisions and no missions.


I understand completely, Carl, and had second thoughts about that myself after my initial post. Perhaps a cart full of Lynx mini-games (with a "Mechtiles" demo, as a bonus -- :) ) might be worth considering instead.

"Lynx 2K5" would be a neat item.

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