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Introduce yourselves

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Guess as I am second to Seamoon on Apline Games High Scores, might as well keep it going.



Male: 27

Country: UK

Collects: Lynx only

Occupation: Web Developer/Programmer

Favourite game developer: Ocean (cabal/robocop/midnight resistance) for Spectrum

Music: Ambient big beats stuff (Unkle, DJ Shadow etc)

Tv shows: Teachers, Shameless, Max & Paddy

Fav Beer: Most

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Another European here to add to the mix:


Male, 31

Country: Ireland

Collect only for the Lynx of the Ataris (got a belated taste of the Dreamcast)

Occupation: Scientist (mad)

Music: Mainly lyric-less, stoned-out stuff, Orb, Global Communication, Spiritualised, and a lot of stuff from the WARP label. Into Plastikman too.

TV: Most comedy: Father Ted, Little Britain, (late in the season tho), Red Dwarf, select American stuff

Fav Lynx Games: Robotron 2084, Rampart, Qix, Xybots, Xenophobe (all from the arcade).

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Male: 26 in 2 days :D

Country: UK


Atari; Lynx, 2600 & Jag.

Nintendo; NES, SNES, N64.

Sega; GG, master sys, Mega drive, Saturn & D.C.



Occupation: Telecoms/Web Developer


Music: Beatles, Pink Floyd & Indie guitar stuff

Tv shows: ANything from the 80 like The A-team, knightrider & Streethawk (remember that!)

Fav Beer: Grolsh, Stella hoegaarden

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Happy holidays, everyone!


I'll give this a shot, since I read this Lynx forum regularly and post every once in a while.


[*]Sex: Not as often as I'd prefer it to be.

[*]Age: Old enough to know better, young enough to keep on going nonetheless.

[*]Country: United States

[*]Collects for: Lynx, Supervision, Gamate, Mega Duck/Cougar Boy, Game.com, Game Master, Game King, Virtual Boy, Megadrive/Genesis (mildly) ... I could keep going but I think that's just about enough.

[*]Favorite game developer: C&E Inc. (Taiwan), original creators of Super Fighter.

[*]Favorite game (any system): An easy tie between Super Fighter (IBM-PC; DOS), Alone in the Dark (IBM-PC; DOS) and Neuromancer (Apple II).

[*]Top five Lynx games (in no particular order): Fat Bobby, Toki, Qix, Double Dragon, Robotron: 2084.

[*]Occupation: I work, all right.

[*]TV-shows: I don't really watch television, but the original (1980's) G.I. Joe cartoon is an awesome reflection of society. I also like Speed Racer, because he says, "Oh" and freaks out, anytime something happens.

[*]Music: Ad-Lib OPL2 music from IBM-PC (DOS) games is delightful.

[*]Most anticipated Lynx game: Ultravore would be nice. Hear that, Carl? Heh, heh.

[*]Other collecting habits: I collect dust without trying. Dust really seems to have an attachment to me.

[*]Hobbies/refreshing activities: videogame development, scarfing food, rolling my eyes at high speeds.


There you go. That was actually amusing. :roll: See? I just love rolling those eyes.

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Well, here's mine...


Sex: Male

Age: 38

Country: UK

Collects for: Lynx, NGPC and Nintendo Stuff

Favourite game developer: Digital Eclipse (Lilo & Stitch(GBA), Tarzan (GBC), Rayman (GBA) etc)

Favourite game (any system): Deus Ex (Mac)

Top five Lynx games: Steel Talons, Shadow of the Beast, Dirty Larry, Zarlor Mercenary, Alpine Games

Occupation: Teacher, Writer, Actor, Designer, etc

TV-shows of preference: King of Queens, Seinfeld (yes... still)

Fav music genres: All Sorts of Stuff

Most anticipated Lynx game: Vindicators (I know it's a long shot)

Other collecting habbits: Movie Props, Music, Original Paintings and Artwork.

Main hobby: Drinking and Seeing the World

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Hey all,

Cool, I'll introduce myself too. This is not the only AA I have been a memeber of, having had a stint at another AA before too.


Age : 32

Sex : Male

Country : Australia

Collects : Game & Watch, Lynx, Vectrex, Atari ST, NGPC, Wonderswan.

Occupation : postgraduate student looking for work. Journo

Favoutrite game : Protector (Vectrex)

Music taste : Chemical Brothers, Velvet Underground, Beatles

TV taste : South Park, Nip Tuck, Harvey Birdman

Hobbies : vintage game collecting, dogs, fishing (when I get there)

Favourite beer : Boags Draught

Pet hates : know it alls



Have a great New Years' everyone and goodluck to all those entering the Alpine Games competition. Great cart!





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Sex: Whenever possible, oh I see what you mean I am a Male

Age: 44

Country: U.S.A

Favourite game (any system): Atari 800 8bit Miner 2049er and on the Atari ST it is Wall Street

Top six Lynx games: S.T.U.N. Runner, Shanghi, Ishido, XYbots,Gates of Zendocon, Robotron 2084

Occupation: Stock Person at Dollar General (RETAIL SUCKS)

TV-shows of preference: Unsolved Mysteries, M*A*S*H, PSI Factor,

Fav music genres: Heavy Metal -> KISS, Hammer Fall, Manowar/ Blues-> Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B. King/ I like all music except rap.

Other collecting habbits: Autographed Pictures of Movie Stars, TV Stars, Sports Stars (mainly hockey), Music Stars and so on.

Main hobby: Collecting Autographed Pictures and going to see Cover Bands

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Sex: Male

Age: 19

Country: UK

Collects for: Lynx, Jaguar, 7800, snes, n64

Favourite game (any system): Zelda: ocarine of time (64)

Top five Lynx games: crystal mines II, xybots, joust, gates of zenocon, gauntlet

Occupation: Student/bum

TV-shows of preference: Family guy, Simpsons, old runs of gamesmaster,

Fav books: Interview with a vampire, IT, Masters of doom

Fav music genres: Metal, Metalcore, death metal, indie, rock, folk, electronica, industrial, trip-hop

Fav Bands: Led Zeppelin, Children of bodom, Trivium, Radiohead, Ryan adams, Prodigy, VNV Nation, GoldFrappy, Bjork.

Other collecting habbits: Snoopy books

Main hobby: Gaming, PC Repair/building

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Sex: Male

Age: 27 (This coming Monday -- 14 Mar)

Country: USA

Collects for: Lynx, Atari 2600, Arcade, Vectrex, PS2

Favourite game (any system): Not really sure...

Top five Lynx games: Too hard to pick. Lemmings, BattleZone 2000, Ms Pacman, BlockOut... etc

Occupation: US Government/College

TV-shows of preference: Southpark, Smallville,

Fav books: Stephen King... all of them. Dark Tower!

Fav music genres: Anything.

Fav Bands: Right now... only one band exists: The Hero Factor theherofactor.com (Tulsa band... they are great!)

Other collecting habbits: Occasionally the fun handheld... and old books

Main hobby: Writing, gaming

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Name: Brian

Sex: Male

Age: 19 (20 VERY soon)

Country: USA

Collects for: Anything I can get. But I espcially love Lynx, NES, and Saturn and Dreamcast.

Favourite game developer: CAPCOM

Favourite game (any system): Marvel Versus Capcom 2

Top five Lynx games: Rampart, Paperboy, Xenophobe, California Games, Warbirds

Occupation: Student, Creative Writing. This summer I'll try to get a job at a electronics store.

TV-shows of preference: Seinfeld, Simpsons, South Park, Sealab 2021, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Daily Show, Late Night With Conan O'Brien

Fav music genres: Whatever is on the radio and isn't Rap.


This is pretty much the best place to talk about Lynx on the internet...and that sucks. So few posts. We need to come up with a scheme to get people to buy more Lynx games and do more homebrew.

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Well, here it goes:


The Netherlands,

28 years old,


got a girlfriend and a dog, and one of them is getting angry by all my stuff.

Collect for: atari lynx, jaguar, xl/xe(only a bit though), 2600, 7800, Philips Videopac.

I do further own a vectrex, much ST stuff, some pong, a gameboy, and a gamegear, a psx with a lot of original games, a ps2.

Lynx best: Lemmings and california games and a lot more....

All the best: dunno, got a jag since a week, and it has tempest 2000, if I play that, I start to sweat very hard...

I own a AMC Javelin, Love to watch horrormovies, Drink Bavaria Beer, want to go on holiday to the states, because I love NASCAR.

My occupation: fixing wheelchairs.


About the posts, I want to make some, dunno if theyre all good though.

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