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Atari Memorabilia

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After looking at pictures of people's gamerooms, I realized that my collection is lacking in memorabilia. Sure, I have systems and cartridges... but I only have a few posters, and some magazines. After Christmas, I'll have to go buy some of the Mario Bros plush toys that Electronics Boutique sells or something. What kind of memorabilia do you guys have sitting around? I'm especially interested in hearing about Atari memorabilia.


(Sorry if this seems off-topic... it didn't seem to fit well in any of the other forums either)



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I have (non atari) lava lamp, one of those glass things that the smoke comes out of like you light stuff in it i dunno what the heck its called


(atari) Pong IV Box sitting on the bookshelf and printed out atari ads on the wall


nothin much but it works for now

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hmm all i got is a 1970s Bright Orange Adeco TV ( retro atari style) , hmm also i got his plastic tree from teh 1970s. thats kinda retro. and my atari70s fake NJ plate for the car. a tron ad from back of a Comic. framed. tahts about it right now.

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I have lots of odd memorabelia, including Atari baseball bats, bottled water, pens and pencils, pins, frisbees, shirts, bags...the list goes on an on.


But one of my favorites is from (where else) eBay. There came up on eBay an auction for something I recognized but I guess no one else did, since no one else bid (or maybe everyone else is smarter than me). It was a statue with Atari's name on it, and a figure sort of like an Oscar holding a Star.


I recognized it immediately as an APX Star award, which I coveted very badly as a preteen Atari game hobbiest/programmer. Nearly 20 years later I got one, even though I didn't win it.


The person who sold it to me said her brother used to wait tables at a hotel in Las Vegas. He apparently got it after some convention Atari held in the early 80's. That convention would of course have been APX's annual award banquet. While it is possible a winner left one behind, she also said her brother was known to be a bit shady, so she's not sure of the circumstances.


Alas, there's no name or product on it, so I have no way to track it back to whoever it was that was supposed to have it.



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many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many


(was that enough?)




jah fish

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While not always Atari, my gameroom has some signage from video game displays. I got them at an EB when they were getting rid of SNES and Genesis. I also mount arcade flyers in frames and hang them in the arcade room.


My favorite gaming goods are the marquees. I use poplar and make a display case for them, then bundle up Christmas tree lights and put behind them. They look great on the wall, and people get to see them like they were meant to be seen. They are not expensive, and you can have that "feeling" knowing they were once in a real game back in the "golden days".



Also have a test cartridge with a socket. Non functional, but displayed proudly.



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Originally posted by eric_ruck:

I recognized it immediately as an APX Star award, which I coveted very badly as a preteen Atari game hobbiest/programmer.


I'm afraid I'm not familiar with these... did Atari give these out to programmers as a reward or something?



Originally posted by jahfish

many many many many many many many many many...


Any highlights from your collection?



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I have several items that I've been meaning to get online, including many of Atari pins, pencils, and stickers. But I don't really have much in the way of memorabilia, it's not something I've gone out of my way to collect. If people would like to start sending us high-quality images (photos and scans) of various Atari Memorabilia, we'll put together a section on the site to display them. I can only imagine that Atari produced thousands of different items emblazoned with their logo.



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ok zero ..... it might hurt a little








Atari Service Manual for the 2600 complete in 3-Ring Binder (i have 2 Binder variations)

"build this": manual to build a Game Recorder, from a 1984 magazine, copies

Gewinn-Urkunde, winners certificate from the german atari club

Klub magazin 1-5, from the german atari club, B/W copies

Atari Club magazin 4/84, from the german atari club, printed colour edition

MAD n. 157 "Mad Invaders", videogame related edition

Atarian Video Game Magazine, first issue

Atari "Vanguard" Pencil

Atari "LOG BOOK", score book, blue

Atari "LOG BOOK", score book, green

Atari "Gewinnpunktebuch", german score book, silver

Atari "Score Book", us score book, silver

Tips on getting ET home fast

Parker video game club Score Pad

Atari Spezial magazine

Atari Journal magazine

Atari Age magazine 1-6




Atari force, small edition, vol 1-5 complete

Atari force, large DC edition, vol 1-20 complete

Atari force, dutch double-edition, vol 1-10 complete

Atari force, Omnibus with all 20 dutch stories

Atari force, french edition, vol 1

Atari force, special edition, signed by marshall rogers (inker)

The new teen titans by DC comix, featuring 16-page special atari-force preview


Star Raiders Graphic Novel, us edition

Star Raiders Graphic Novel, german edition

Warlords Graphic Novel, german edition

centipede comic

waterworld comics 1,2,3

yars revenge comic

pac man comic

GI Joe, adventures of Kool-Aid-Man, Motu, and other single comix related to the atarigames




small Atari Fuji patch, white

round red Atari Interactive patch

Activision patch: Bucket brigade

Activision patch: Starmaster with all 3 stripes

Activision patch: River raiders

Activision patch: save the chicken foundation

Activision patch: federation of laserblasters

Activision patch: all star ice hockey team

Activision patch: explorers club

Activision patch: chopper commandos

Activision patch: ski team

Activision patch: megamaniacs

Activision patch: Dragster

Activision patch: Sky Jinks

Atari Asteroids patch

Donkey Kong patch

Pac man patch, the horrible one ;-)

Atarian - certified game player , patch




Atari Ad: "Dont watch TV tonight, play it!"

Atari Ad: "No other video game stacks up to atari"

Atari Ad: "Everything you always wanted to know about Atari games", double pager

Atari Ad: "to be continued", double pager

Imagic Ad: "Garry Larsen thought he had all the answers", riddle of the sphinx

Parker Ad: "A mission next to impossible", super cobra

Parker Ad: "different croaks for different folks", frogger

Atari Ad: service ad for california, with superman illustration

Atari Ad: super breakout

Atari Ad: joust, comic style

Atari Ad: mario brothers, comic style

Mattel Ad: Masters of the universe

Activision Ad: Rampage

Atari Ad: "become an atarian"

Atari Ad: "the atari advantage" same illustration than the poster

Atari Ad: "save the universe - the atariforce - 1st mission"




Atati Flying high pin

Button with atari joystick

Atari Olympic Gold Medal

Atati pin




donkey kong sticker cards:

on the beam, i'll drive you bananas, take it one step at a time

let's nail DK, i made a monkey out of ..., hands off / help, i eat quarters

Dk is better than homework, my highscore,

i'm ape over donkey kong, gorillas need love too

+ more frogger, turbo and zaxxon stickers as well as the rub off cards


pac man sticker by Girl Skateboards

pac man sticker "you'll eat it all up" by midway

pac man sticker "yi love pac man" by midway

Atari Realsports sticker "i'm a realsports fan"

Atari Sticker "früh übt sich wer ein genie sein will"

Frogger sticker by sega (round)

Comavision Sticker germany

Activision River Raid / Jagdflieger sticker

Activision Enduro / Transamerika-rennen sticker

Activision Decathlon "heute schon trainiert?" sticker

Activision Spider Fighter sticker

Activision Seaquest sticker

Activision Pitfall sticker

"Exklusiv von Atari" Centipede sticker

"Exklusiv von Atari" Phoenix sticker

"Exklusiv von Atari" Fireworld sticker

"Exklusiv von Atari" Vanguard sticker

"Exklusiv von Atari" one sheet with all 4 stickers

Atari Pac Man sticker, 3D style blue and round, 2 sizes

Atari Fuji-sticker B/W

Tigervision "TIGERCLUB" sticker

Centipede "atari world videogame championship"

Masters of the Universe "Abenteuer Club" sticker

ITT High Score Club Pumuckl sticker

"I survived the texas chainsaw massacre" sticker, from original british video company 'X'

Spiderman sticker by parker

Q-Bert sticker by parker

"tierisch gut drauf" by atari, with kangaro illustration

Videomagic sticker, a gameshop in munich




Mystique catalog 4 pages b/w

Teldec 4 pages, with products from tigervision, carrere, Accuball, sega, amiga, datasoft, sierra

coleco, blue, with 10 games

powerplay cataloge (german magazine) with games from activision, bit corp, epyx, sancho, imagic, absolute, coleco, cbs

ComaVid, with stronghold and rush hour, blue 6 pages

tigervision, 8 pages red

data age, silver 8 pages

spectravision, 6 pages english

apollo, blue 8 pages

tigervision, black us 8 pages, with river patrol for 29$

arcadia, 12 pages

telegames, grey 10 pages

M-Network, grey 8 pages 0007-4290

M-Network, grey 8 pages 0151-0050

HES catalog with double dragon on cover, games by activ., imagic, HES, epyx ....

parker "sie hassen es wenn sie gewinnen", silver 8 pages

parker "sie hassen es wenn sie gewinnen", silver 8 pages, different format

parker catalog, with hulk, lord of the rings .....

parker "they hate to let you win" silver 10 pages

parker "meet the challenge" silver 10 pages

parker "heisse spiele" yellow 10 pages

Atari CO 16725 rev, A

Atari CO 16725 rev, B

Atari CO 16725 rev, C

Atari CO 16725 rev, D

Atari CO 16725 rev, E

Atari " be a flying ace, a race car champ ...."

Atari CO 18272 rev. B

Atari " more games, more fun" CO 12737 - 02

Atari CO 14356 rev. C

Atari CO 14356 rev. D

Atari "spielen macht spass" for 2600, 4 sides with screenshots

Atari "spielen macht spass" for 7800, 4 sides with screenshots

Atari CO 20521 rev. 1

Atari "spass für die ganze familie", 8 pages

Atari "arkaden-spass für alle - ohne ende", 8 pages

Atari "der meistgekaufte video-computer-spielesystem der welt"", very big, like a poster

Atari "Satrs" catalog/poster

spectravision product catalog (sticks-compumate)

cbs/coleco german catalog with games/products

Bomb Games catalog with "splendour"

catalog from Video Games Magazine (us) with absolute, activision and imagic games

Sears "video arcade cartridges"

Imagic 700500-1 rev. A

Imagic 700500-1 rev. D

Imagic 700500-2 rev. A

Imagic 700500-2 rev. B

cbs/coleco international catalog

Activision 81, black, AG-940-5

Activision 81, black, AG-940-6

Activision 83, blue, AG-94-5

Activision spring 82, black, PAG-940-2, international edition

Activision spring 82, black, in german

Activision spring 82, black, in german with head "gesamtprogramm"

Activision, purple, AG-940-8

Activision, "beats the real thing", black, AG-940-8

Activision spring 82, black, AG-940-8

Activision fall 82, red, AG-940-10

Activision winter 82, red, AG-940-10

Activision fall/winter 83, blue, AG-940-11

Activision EAG-940A, international edition

Activision EAG-940B, international edition

Activision folder, US, EAG 940 C

Activision folder, US, EAG 940 C, red international edition

Activision folder, by HES australia

HES catalog by telegames UK





Joystick Nation

pan mania (jokes)

Computer Spiele, by Chip magazine

Mastering Pac Man

the Vid Kid's book of home video games

How to win at video games

the player's strategic guide to atari VCS games

telespiele report '84

computerspiele, by knaur

videospiele, by knaur





the 8-bit construction set, breaks, beats and sound by A. Schwarz, former activision director of Activision Audio

The adventures of super pac-man

pac man picnic

atari breakout audio set

atari missile command audio set

atari missile command audio set (album)

atari breakout audio set

atari yars revenge audio set

atari yars revenge audio set (album)

atari yars asteroids audio set





Pac Man

Ms. Pac Man





Donkey Kong



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RE: APX Star Award


Atari had this thing called the Atari Program Exchange, where hobbiest programmers would submit applications they wrote with the chance to get them published by Atari. They had special awards quarterly for the best submissions, and then every year they would give out a trophy to the single best program in each category (games, productivity, and utility, I think).


A few of those programs migrated from APX to Atari's regular lineup, including Caverns of Mars and (I think) Scram and that Lee Actor music program.


I still have most, if not all of the catalogs from APX as well as the Star award.



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I love to collect all the extra atari 2600 items I can for my collection, things like.

1) I have a little over 60 framed atari 2600 ads.

2) I have a 3 foot tall E.T. store display for the 2600 and two mobiles.

3) I have about 15 patches.

4) I have 12 atari video game headers.

5) I have 2 complete collections of the Atari Force full size comics, and three complete sets of the small ones.

6) I have 3 badges and two atari pins.

7) I have 1 Atari store banner and 1 Jaguar banner.

8) I have a the silver and the blue atari club jackets.

9) Three different mugs.

10) The Orange atari Kite.


Plus all the extras like game centers, cartridge library's, atari game covers, Joystick repair kit's and others all in there boxes.

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Originally posted by jahfish:



Pac Man...


Funny thing, my grandma used to have the Pac Man board game... I wonder if she still has it? I don't remember actually playing it all that much, but I liked to make Pac Man eat the marbles


I've also seen a Zaxxon board game a few times in various thrift stores, but for some reason, I never bought it I'll have to pick it up next time I see it.


Nice collection! Did you track down that stuff specifically, or was it just stuff you happened across while collecting?



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MAN JAHFISH!!!!!!!!, and I thought I was spending to much money on atari extras instead of Cartridges. Keep up the good work buddy.

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I have:

1 Pac Man yellow baseball cap(still fits my noggin for some reason, although tightness could be responsible for my low IQ).

1 pair of Pac Man roller skates. They are old as dirt, and I dont know who gave them to us because I wasnt exactly around in an Atari crazed location at the time. But anyway... they taught me how to roller skate.

1 pair of Pac Man shoe laces(I have them in my bright red Converse All Stars right now).

1 Pac Man and Friends(correct title? The book is stored away at a relatives in America) paperback story book. Interesting new look and names for all the ghosts(Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Sue). I guess the author felt the ghosts needed a feminine touch. And of course it was my favorite bedtime story book.


I also still have some personal Atari treasures such the little Pac Man my sister made out of clay for me when I was 3. Nothing official, nor worth any money, but still of sentimental value.

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I have a couple items:

  • Sealed Pac Man & Mrs Pac Man for NES (Namco version)
  • Pac Man gumball machine
  • Glass Pac Man shot glass and a juice glass
  • Nintendo wall stickers - huge 3 foot stickers of mario etc
  • and various odds and ends previously mentioned

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