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Mac/65 and standard 16K PCB question

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I have a binary dump of a MAC/65 EPROM cart (binary file). I bought a 16K PCB from the AA Store. I want to burn a EPROM with the MAC/65 binary and use it with the PCB.


So far I know the MAC/65 cart uses a special bankwitching scheme, so burning the binary on a EPROM and put it on the standard 16K PCB won't work.


Is there a way I can 'convert' the binary dump so it could be burned on an EPROM and be used with a standard 16K PCB?



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This will not be easy / impossible.

You need to patch the mac65-code and make banks A and B to run at

address 8000-8FFF and 9000-9FFF. Bank C and D can stay at A000-BFFF



This is the simpler one of OSS schemes. It uses only A0 and A3 address lines:

A3=0, A0=0 - $A000-$AFFF: bank B, $B000-$BFFF: bank A.

A3=0, A0=1 - $A000-$AFFF: bank D, $B000-$BFFF: bank A.

A3=1, A0=0 - disable cartridge.

A3=1, A0=1 - $A000-$AFFF: bank C, $B000-$BFFF: bank A.


A other option is to burn the mac65 diskversion. It's 12k and runs from

'cartrdige-space'. You only need to set the cartidge bytes in your eprom

and perhaps make a little patch of the content that was there.

The DDT option is not present in the diskversion.


Good luck,


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Thanks for the replys, guys.


Looks simpler to 'duplicate' the hardware of the MAC65 cart, and set it up into an Atari cart case. Components are not that hard to find, plus Jindroush's site has some good photos and schematics on that cart. Maybe I'll give it a shot.



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