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Where Did you go from Atari 2600???

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1 - Odyssey ('74) (I was lucky enough to have a parent in the electronic repair biz)

2 - Coleco Telstar Arcade / Atari Stunt Cycle (around '76 or '77)

3 - Atari 2600 (around '78 or '79)

4 - TI/99-4A ('81) (I also 'inhereted' an Intellivision around this time)

5 - Atari 5200 (Xmas '83)

6 - Apple IIc ('84/'85). My High School got them when they first came out and I was lucky enough to get one right after)

7 - NES ('88) (First system I bought myself)


It wasn't until about '04/'05 when I owned a 7800 and a Vectrex


The only modern systems I owned after that were:

8 - Sega Dreamcast (for a short time)

9 - Wii (which I sold, and then bought again later on) :-/

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BTW, I still have my original Odyssey, and my original Apple IIc with all of my disks... but boy has it yellowed!

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Personally owned:

Atari 2600 (1980)

ColecoVision (1984)

VIC-20 (1985)

Atari 7800 (1986)

Turbo XT IBM PC '8088' clone [4.77/10Mhz] (1987)

NES (1988)

Genesis (1991)

SNES (1992)

Pentium 100 (1994)

Family/Friends added to the mix: Pong (1978-79), C64 (1986-90), SMS (1988-89), Intellivision (1983). School adds Apple IIc/IIe. I did buy my own C64 used in 1995 for some nostalgic gaming and to get my father a great port of Mr. Do's Castle to play again; shortly thereafter I 'discovered' emulation for it (C64S) in 1996 and was blown away.

Also, after the Pentium 100, I did purchase a Playstation and N64 - but for my brother. I never really played them or got into them. There's a Gameboy thrown in there at some point too, besides a plethora of other handheld games (I.E. Coleco Tabletops, Game & Watch, MicroVision, etc.)

It wouldn't be until...

Dreamcast (2000)

...especially with Resident Evil: Code Veronica, that I caught up (somewhat), was interested in, and had time for, 'current' gaming again:

PS2 (2002) - Moderate usage

360 (2008) - Slightly heavier usage than the PS2

PS3 (2011) - Has made a lovely paperweight. Seriously, has been powered on 3-4 times.

There's a GBA thrown in there at some point as well. Additionally, I bought my brother a Wii in 2007; however, again personally never really played it or got into it.

Anything I originally owned that is mid 90's or earlier was lost several years ago, unfortunately, along with all associated software-games. :sad:

Though a few years ago I started rebuilding my 'classics' collection again. :)

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Atari 2600 -> Atari 400 -> Intellivision -> Colecovision -> Atari 7800 -> Nes Then owned every system except Neo Geo after that. We did have a pong system before the 2600 but I'm not sure which one. I know it had a gun and 4 games on it.

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Some of the dates might be slightly off, but......






1982 Atari 2600

1987 Tandy Color Computer 3

1988 Atari 7800

1989 NES

1990 Turbografx

1991 Sega Genesis

1992 Super NES

1993 Sega CD

1995 Windows PC: A couple games, mainly King's Quest V & VI

1995 Turbo Duo

1996 Playstation


1998 BOUGHT 2nd 7800 NEW IN BOX (Still Have it) & BEGAN COLLECTING GAMES, INCLUDING EVERY .80 cent NIB game O'Shea LTD had

1999 BOUGHT A 2nd NES & BEGAN COLLECTING GAMES (Still have it)


Early 2000s- <Too much partying & Very little gaming aside from a little Atari & NES > :thumbsdown:


Mid 2000's Toned down the partying & finally got into PS2 gaming


Late 2000's <Excessive partying again> :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: although......


2008-2009 discovered an arcade a few miles from a friends apartment that served beer, so sure you could imagine I was in heaven...it became my home away from home & I simultaneously got trashed & blew loads of money on tokens a few days a week :grin: until it sadly closed down :(


2011 <Slowed down partying, this time most certainly for good> :thumbsup:


2012 Found a Dreamcast with no cables or controllers, took it to Play N Trade who tested it as working


2013 Realized how many good arcade titles & games were made for Dreamcast, bought cables, controllers, a shitton of games, built a decent collection.


2014 Never imagined doing so because I always thought of it as a kiddie system, but after realizing it was the only console a few light gun arcade games I loved were ported to, I bought a Wii....

2014 Bought 3rd 7800 with Composite Video Mod

2014 Playing the Dreamcast wound up giving me new interest in modern gaming, and although I left off with the PS2 & have a rather awkward gap to fill, I am really hoping to get a PS4 sometime in the near future (right after I get my 2nd Color Computer 3 that I've already bought 15 games for recently) :-D

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Atari 2600 > NES > SNES > Sega Genesis/Sega CD > Nintendo 64 > Sega Dreamcast > Gamecube > Playstation 1 > Xbox > Playstation 2 > Gaming PC > Wii U > NES > Atari 2600

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Atari 2600 (1979-1989)

Nintendo Entertainment System (1987-1991)

Sega Genesis (1989-?)

Nintendo Entertainment System (again) (1991-?)

Super Nintendo (1991-?)

Atari XEGS (1990-?)

Super Pong (1992-?)

Playstation (1996- 1999)

Nintendo 64 (1999-1999)

Atari 5200 (1999-?)

Sega Saturn (2000-?)

Sega Dreamcast (2000- Still have it.)

Sega Genesis (again) (2001-?)

Playstation 2 (2003- Still have it.)

Playstation 3 (2006- 2006)

XBOX 360 (2007- Still have it.)

Atari 5200 (again) (2011- Still have it.)

Intellivision (2012- Still have it.)

Atari 7800 (2011- Still have it.)

Sharp Twin Famicom (2013- Still have it.)

Sega Mega Drive (2013- Still have it.)

Sega Mega CD 2 (2013- Still have it.)

NEC Core Grafx II (2013- Still have it.)

Sears Video Arcade II (2014- Still have it)

Atari 2600 (heavy sixer) (2014- Still have it.)

Atari 520 STfm (2014- Still have it.)

Commodore 64 (2014- Still have it.)


I'm probably missing a few since I've had so many friggin systems over the years. It's amazing how a lot of go back to our roots with older consoles and computers... such a nostalgic experience. :)

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I played a serious amount of arcade games from about 1977 - 2000.


The Atari 2600 was my first console and I remember getting it at Sears, along with the pack-in game Combat and Pitfall. It was shortly after Pitfall was released and it was "the" game to have at the time. Shortly after that, I remember getting Yars' Revenge and River Raid and then a bunch of Silver Label Atari 2600 games and loving those and the awesome Activision games. Then the crash hit and I got a Colecovision on the cheap. The crash was kinda cool in a way, because I would go into a place like Toys-R-Us with like $20 and walk out with like two or three good 2600 and Colecovision games.


From the Atari 2600/Colecovision, I went to the following:

-Commodore 64c

-Atari 1040STe (still own)

-Atari Lynx (still own)

-Atari Jaguar (still own)

-PC (I don't own the 486dx2 that I bought back then, but still game on the PC and have an up to date gaming PC)

-Atari 2600 (retro game purchase, still own)

-Atari 7800 (retro game purchase, still own)

-Sega Saturn (still own)

-NeoGeo Pocket Color (still own)

-Sega Dreamcast (still own)

-Xbox (still own)

-GBA (still own)

-Sega CDX (retro game purchase, still own)

-Xbox 360 (still own)

-DS (still own)

-PSP (still own)

-3DS (still own)

-Xbox One (still own)

-Vita (still own)


Between retro gaming and current gen stuff, I have more than enough to keep me busy these days.

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So, I know I'm a bit younger than most of you, so my history might seem weird:


2600 → Genesis → Game Gear → Game Boy → SNES → Virtual Boy → Nintendo 64 → Game Boy Color → PlayStation → PlayStation 2 → Xbox → [friend was giving away an NES] Nintendo → [decided to catch up on everything I was missed out on] Dreamcast/Saturn/Game Boy Advance/7800 → Game Cube/Super Famicom/Sega CD/32X → Neo Geo Pocket Color → Neo Geo CD/Wii → PC Engine Duo

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I went straight to Virtual Boy, and never looked back.


Is that because the Virtual Boy blinded you? If so, my condolences to you.

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Time well spent...


1978 = Coleco Telstar Arcade

1982 = Atari 2600

1984 = Intellivision II

1991 = Nintendo Entertainment System

1991 = Atari 7800

1993 = Super Nintendo Entertainment System

1994 = IBM PS/2

1998 = Playstation

1998 = Nintendo 64

2000 = Sega Dreamcast

2000 = Macromedia Shockmachine

2001 = Playstation 2

2009 = Stella

2009 = Nostalgia

2009 = MAME

2011 = Roku

2014 = Steam





► I also played on the Atari 5200, Commodore 64, Amiga, Game Boy, XBOX, XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3, but never owned them.

► I've always wanted to own a Vectrex and an Odyssey2 but have yet to get my hands on them.

► I began playing arcade coin-op games in 1978.

► I played very briefly on a Coleco Adam in 1987, but for many reasons I don't count it in my history.

► The only handheld I've ever owned that is worth mentioning is the fabled Pac-Man 2 by Entex. I really wish I still had that!






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Birth -> Lego -> Atari 2600 -> Sun 3/60


Atari 2600 is the only game console I ever owned. I gave up video games when I got on the internet in 1990.

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My first console that was actually mine was my 2600. Then I started collecting for other systems too. I think the order of consoles I got goes like this:


Atari 2600

Sega Genesis




Atari 400 (Later traded for an Atari 7800)

Atari 7800


Sega Dreamcast

Sega Master System

Atari 5200

Magnavox Odyessy 2

Panasonic 3DO

Sega Saturn

and most recently, my Atari 1040STfm.

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I started with an NES because that's what was around when I was 8 years old. Soon after I got a turbo grafx express. Then to SNES, N64, then PlayStation. My sister had a Sega genesis which I thought was lame. No final fantasy? Anyway, from 17-24 PC gaming only. Got married at 25 and bought an xbox360. Beat haloreach and tried online, drove me to sell 360 and buy ps3. Tried black ops with all of my friends and 2 months later sold the ps3 and bought a Wii. Tried Wii sports and Wii fit with the board. After 6 months of it sitting on my shelf collecting dust I sold it and bought a Dreamcast. Then I purchased an Atari 2600 six months later. Then six months after that, sold the Dreamcast and through away all of my burned games and bought a colecovision. Bought another wii for old gamecube games and smash bros wii. Just bought a vectrex yesterday mainly to play star castle and hyperchase.

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Try this one:


Gameboy -> N64 -> PC -> NES -> Gamecube -> PC -> Wii -> PC -> SNES -> PC -> PS1 -> PS2 -> PS4 -> PC -> Atari 2600

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Never had 2600. My friend did and I remember playing space invaders with him and siblings. Finally got a sears 2600 telegames. My fisrt was 5200 and then nintrendo 8 bit. Never had super nintendo but got it off ebay. Then I got a bunch of others too. My uncle before he died bought me white ps1 mini console and controller from gamestop sandiego california for 40 bucks. I also got a n64 for 15 bucks from gamestop Illinois. And I have 2 gamecube (1 with screen) and 1 wii. And few handhelds. 1 original gameboy, 2, color, 1 sp, 1 gba (non sp), and 1 ds lite. The ds lite was only 10 dollars and 50 cents on ebay including shipping.


Oh and I also have 1 broken fat ds.

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Sinclair ZX81-Atari 2600-Atari 800XL-C64-Atari 520STFM-Sega Game Gear-Atari Lynx-MD-MCD-Jaguar-Playstation-Dreamcast-PS2 (won on launch day)-Xbox-PS3-360.


I honestly forget when i bought my 1st PSP or Gamecube+GB player, let alone the GB Micro or were given a GBA.


When i got into 'Retro' i ended up buying another 800XL (but with Disk drive this time), a 600XL, a CBM A1200, Vectrex, SNES and N64 for a while, given a GB.....



Dabbled in some more obscure stuff along the way as well...lot of 'more money than damn fool sense' in my 'yonger years' it seems....

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