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Jess Ragan

Satan's Hollow clone feasibility

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I've griped about the abundance of homebrew arcade game translations on classic game systems before, but now that I've done something relatively original, I'd like to tackle something more ambitious, and familiar to the average gamer.


I was considering a 2600 game heavily inspired by the Bally/Midway sleeper hit Satan's Hollow... something that's fondly remembered by older gamers, yet hasn't seen much public exposure. I'm choosing Satan's Hollow as the inspiration for my game because it's a shooter with a unique twist, and it's more complex than the average 2600 title.


My question to you is this... do you think such a game would be feasible with the current version of Batari BASIC, or should I wait for an update of the compiler? I've thought of some ways to get around the limitations of both the current version of Batari BASIC and the 2600 itself... for instance, with some flicker and tweaking of the NUSIZ registers, I could pack the screen with up to six enemies.


However, if there's a better graphics kernal in the near future for Batari BASIC, it would be wise for me to wait before starting this project. I imagine that there will be a lot of bug fixing in the next release along with new features... if I start work on the game now, it will be more difficult for me to adapt it to the new version of Batari BASIC when it comes along.


What do you think? Is a Satan's Hollow clone too ambitious for this verison of Batari BASIC?



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