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A 1K Puzzle Game

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Marble Solitaire is a classic puzzle game played on a board with 33 squares. In the UK, it is simply known as Solitaire. It also goes by the name Peg Solitaire.


The object of this game is to clear the board with the last piece in the center as shown below. Marbles move by capturing horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally. A capture is similar to checkers, where a marble jumps over another piece.


To play, position the cursor on top of the piece you want to move. To jump, hold down the button and push the joystick in the desired direction. You can also reset the board to start over and select one of 8 puzzles.


Puzzles 1 and 2 are fairly easy. The rest take some effort. So far, I have solved 1,2,3,4,6, and 7. My girlfriend has solved 3 of the puzzles, but to her credit, she hasn’t spent nearly as much time as I have.


I’ve only begun to optimize, so I may be able to add more features in time for the competition. :)





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This is a neat little minigame :) I think it could use some spot sound effects, and possibly a change of colour between different levels, but it plays perfectly. Have you considered including the source code?



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Hi there!


Hey, cool! Making some more use out of the C4 kernel, no?


Always loved that game, I actually even own one as "hardware" (with real marbles :))


Surprisingly I didn't know that there were any "puzzles" available for this, I was just always playing the full board, so I got bored once I found and memorized the solution for that :)




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Thanks for the comments, everyone. Here is the source code, but I still have dibs on using the kernel for Ataxx or Reversi. ;)


If you're wondering how it works, I've posted an explanation for a similar 8 marble wide kernel in my blog. See comments #2 and #4. http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?a...owentry&eid=414


I've figured out how to store 8 puzzles using 33 bytes instead of the current 56. 8)

For optimization, I think it will be safe to forgo setting the stack at the beginning, since I'm not using JSR nor BRK. Does that sound right to everyone?


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I think the version of this most Americans are familiar with is a simpler (15-space), triangular version that uses pegs. Pizza Hut used to have them at all the tables; I think Cracker Barrel still does.



Thanks for that link! I discovered that I've been playing the puzzle upside-down* all these years. I have a different method of solving the board which I think leaves the last peg in the middle hole of the back (the way I play) row. I'd have to be at Cracker Barrel to know for sure though :lol:



* Before someone else comments on it, I guess I actually play with the board flipped vertically. If it were truly upside-down, all the pegs would probably fall out!

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Neat little game. I used to have a plastic peg version called "HiQ" when I was a kid.



I still have a plastic version of the 32 peg set called "YOGO" "JUMP-a-PEG PUZZLE". It has the exact setup.


It has a scoring table with diagrams:


Pegs left: Rating

1: Genius

2: Marvel

3: Expert

4: Sharpie

5: Good

6 or more: You need practice.


Rob Mitchell, Atlanta, GA

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