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FS: Magnavox Odyssey (original) Collection

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I'm chronogamer on ebay with 100% positive feedback if you need references. There's also some feedback on me over in the feedback forums at Digital Press.


I'll update this with more information daily as I get my act together. Right now, I can only accept Paypal payments (cash, no credit cards). Buyer pays exact amount of shipping. We split the packaging costs (if any) and I pay for the insurance / confirmation.


If interested in anything, ask about it via email and I'll email you pictures and a better description. Then you can make an offer if still interested. Let me know you sent an email by leaving a message in this thread.


send email to michaelmccourt(at)hotmail(dot)com


Extra Games 1972

Baseball (complete) SOLD

Invasion (complete) ONE SOLD(two of these)

Handball (complete) SOLD

Fun Zoo (complete) SOLD

Volleyball (complete) ONE SOLD(two of these)

Wipeout (complete) SOLD

Volleyball (missing instructions but I'll provide a copy)

Wipeout (missing one car token)



Odyssey S.N. 1097808 Run-2 (Silver Magnavox Logo+Shipping Carton)

Description and Price: http://www.digitpress.com/forum/weblog_entry.php?e=1655


Odyssey S.N. 11424841 Run-2

Odyssey S.N. 10971432 Run-2


The above systems all work fine and contain all the accessories EXCEPT the cardboard box for the darn switch box. *The Silver Logo one is Rarer than the others and contains most of the documentation.


Shooting Galleries all have gun, box, instructions with all overlays and carts. They all work


Shooting Gallery (#1) Some box wear SOLD

Shooting Gallery (#2) Some box wear

Shooting Gallery (#3) Hole worn in one corner of box.


1973 Extra Games

Interplanetary Voyage (complete) SOLD

Interplanetary Voyage (missing two cards)

Basketball (complete) SOLD

W.I.N. (complete) SOLD

Brain Wave (missing ten thought-tiles) SOLD

W.I.N. (box, overlays (poor) and 3 pads and pencils)


Carrying Case, includes packing instructions and Magnavox AC adaptor. SOLD

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how much and why are u selling those ? ...


How much is pretty much based on what they cost in the Digital Press Guide.


Why am I selling them? A number of reasons I guess. I don't need them anymore. I never intended to keep them forever, I was just buying them to play them with the understanding that I'd be selling them someday, otherwise I could never have afforded them. They take up a lot of space. With the money I could buy other games.


Just curious, but why would you ask why I was selling them? I'm not offended, it's just not a question I see asked much of sellers.


I haven't been updating this post because no one had emailed me expressing any interest. Most of the actuall selling has been taking place over at my blog in Digital Press.


I'll edit this one to indicate what has sold.

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sorry for asking its the one of the last home systems i need to buy for my collection thats very tempting but must resist until the right time ! thanks.

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