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gravitar physics techdemo

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Hi, I just tested it for a while tonight and this is really a nice work. This remains me one multiplayer game we were playing on our Unix stations during my master...

If this can help you, here is one "(unwanted ?) feature" I noticed :

sometimes, my ship was dying without any logical reason (I was far away from wall) and then, I noticed that when i'm dying, particles from explosion/engine remains on screen, and as you test collisions on white color, when I hit one of those remaining particle, I die.

In fact, I don't know if this is a kind of bug or a cool feature (remaining pieces of precedent crashed ships floating around).


and yes, you should add a warning at the beginning, during calculation of landscape, as it is a little long to process.

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Wow, great improvements! The ship controls very nicely. The deformable landscape works really well and is a very cool effect. The anti-aliasing on the ship is a nice touch.


I'm looking forward to seeing this turn into a real game. It's very interesting to be able to follow it's progress.



Hey thanks :)


Personally I think the ship is a bit "wide", and also I'm unsure about a graphical style / look to use. But I'm not going to get bogged down in graphics.


What's more important is:

1. Ideas for levels (320 x 512 pixels, made from 16x16 tiles)

2. Ideas for "enemies" (besides ufo's and gun turrets)


Any suggestions are welcome.


I'll keep updating as I progress...


- jum


PS: yes it's possible to crash into your own particles, especially if you're moving fast and then turn quickly. It's a bug.

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