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Sega CD Games On Jaguar CD

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You can't play the Sega-CD games on the Jaguar (which has been stated many times here), but you can play them on a modded Xbox. There's a SegaCD emulator for the XBox that allows you to either play images of the Sega CD's or use the original Sega CD's in the XBox drive.


Here's a link to one of them called Neo Genesis.


AWESOME!! I'm so getting that, now I just have to mod one of my Xboxes


I've seen a few compilation DVD images where there were a bunch of Sega CD games placed on a single DVD with a nice boot menu. At least I can use this emulator to play Sewer Shark and original Night Trap (the Congress banned edition) since my Sega CD unit has an unfixable CD drive.


I saw the compilations some time back one of the Xbox binary newsgroups.

damn. maybe i need to get an xbox....

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