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coolest video game character

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Well, if it's for videogames overall, I'd have to say Lain Iwakura from Serial Experiments: Lain (yes, it's a videogame; no, except for the title character, it has nothing to do with the anime).


Buuuuut...if we're talking about videogames one has actually played...I'd have to go with Needles Kane. Every version is crazy cool--and he drives a wicked tricked-out ice cream truck! Gotta love that!


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That reminds me, in a VERY roundabout way...

Chakan on the Genesis was a rather neat character.


Of course, now he's just one more cliche antihero, but whatever.

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The Blonde from X-Man, I've had her over and over again.




Others include:

Lula (eats Samus for breakfast)

Roderick H.E.R.O.

Kim Kimberly

Ms. Pac-Man

Bounty Bob

Jo Guest

Zak McKracken


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On 7/5/2006 at 1:48 AM, 2600Lives said:

I gotta give the nod to Solid Snake. The combination of Hayter's voice acting and his overall attitude make him a great character.

And even before MGS, he was hot. I had a crush on him when I played the first Metal Gear back in the 80s. He didn't look that hot on the box (even though I thought Michael Biehn was sort of hot), but JESUS, him in the manual...


The Worlds of Power novel gave his name as Justin Halley. It made men named "Justin" a turn-on to me.

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(Funny, when this was posted, I wasn't even a year old!)


My favorite male video game character (hero) is Mario. He (and his brother) we're just minding there own business taking care of other people's business (if you get my drift), when all of the sudden, he was sucked into a pipe that sent him to a parallel universe! And he's such a nice guy, he helped its inhabitants fight against an evil turtle instead of having a mental breakdown.


My favorite male video game character (villain/anti-hero) is Wario. He's kind of like me, he wants everything, but doesn't want to put in any effort, loves money, loves weird things, and most importantly, loves video games.


My favorite female video game character (hero) is Samus, I mean, she went into an abandoned spaceship in order to fight a giant alien brain, and did this on multiple occasions! She has bigger balls than me and she doesn't even have balls!




I don't know any female villains, so I'm gonna choose Isabelle since she probably runs an underground smuggling ring.


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