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Beyond Evil - Arena Wars. Diablo-like Homebrew for A800.

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some of you might read the long story about my attempt to create a Diablo lookalike for the A800. now more than 4 weeks of researches i have started last week to put together some of the routines into a small test-prototype called "Beyond Evil - Arena Wars". this small minigame is the "action version" and one screen version of the "big game". the big game will be done in 3d iso gfx.


as here are a lot of game play wizards you might give me some early feedback. Vdub did it and some of the Atari800 forum as well but i would be interested in yours.


thanks a lot.




Boot the ATR in Atari800win.


the game starts automaticly. with joystick0 you are controlling your character with the aim to kill the evil monsters which are try to kill you. just move over the monster and press fire to hit. based on your character stats and your armor class + weapon the monsters recieve damage. for each kill you recieve some experience points based on the monstertype. when you reached a new level, your stats are increased automaticly and your life (as the improvment attribute code is not written yet).


on the left side you see your health points and on the other side are the hitpoint of the attacking monster.


after killing a monster sometimes items are dropped. some of them you can pick up:


- gold

- armor which increases your armor class

- weapon which increases your weapon damage

- health potions which fill up your health.


autopicking is enabled so when you dont need the potion you should leave it on the floor and just grab it when needed.


just let me know what you think+any bug reports much appreciated as the routines will be reused in the fullgame. so sorry for no sound yet.



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