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Quadratank (4 Player Combat) Beta

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I finished the beta of Quadratank. I think it is pretty fun, please let me know what you think. It is a 4-player, 2 tank game based on Combat. One paddle controls the tank, one controls the turret (per side). Each paddle is split into 3 roughly-equal zones. The middle zone is neutral (no movement). The right zone is rotate clockwise; the left zone is rotate counterclockwise. One button controls forward movement, the other is fire control.


The first thing you may notice is that the tank ROM is non-optimal (aka, it sucks). Unfortunately, I am no graphic artist. If anyone wants to try their hand at designing something better, please do so - you'll get the credit for it (I am attaching the source file). I found it very hard to differentiate 16 tank positions by 16 turret positions using the original graphics.


NOTE: There is a slight bug I can't seem to fix. When 3 of the paddles are in the left turn zone and then the 4th enters that zone, the entire picture moves downward slightly. If you can find the error in the code, please let me know.


PS If people like this game, I would like to take it a step further and add a center power-up for the following: a user-controlled shield, super zap (shoot the wall and if the opposite player is touching the wall, they are destroyed), and faster speed for the tank. I would need help adding the ball object, new mazes, and utilizing bank-switching (the ROM is full). Please let me know if you are interested and can help with these areas.


Have Fun!


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