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Jakks GameKey 2 letter codes?

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This will probably be most up Onmode-ky's alley, but I'm sure others know this stuff, too.


I'm making a list of programmable game platforms for a coworker who's a fresh-faced game collector, and I'm trying conscientiously to list all programmables, thus including Jakks GameKey systems. Since some of the GameKey platforms span multiple releases (like the NK Nickelodeon platform), I'm choosing to list the platforms by their two-letter "names."


Thanks to Onmode's PnP list, I'm aware of the following GameKey compatibles:


Star Wars III (various), GameKey available

Nickelodeon (various), NK, GameKeys available

Fantastic Four-- is there a "Marvel" platform?

Disney, GameKey available

Disney Princesses, GameKey available-- is this Disney-compatible, or is Princesses a separate platform?

Winne the Pooh-- another Disney compatible?


Dragonball Z

Care Bears

Wheel of Fortune

Spider-Man, GameKey available-- "Marvel" platform?

Namco (various), GameKeys available

Justice League




Any missing?


Off-hand, I only know a couple of the two-letter codes: NK for Nickelodeon, SD for Scooby-Doo. What are the others? Can anyone confirm that no GameKeys have been released for those without "GameKey available" mentioned above? And, finally-- I know some of these platforms differ internally, but do they all (or are some "different" by having a differently-shaped keyslot?)?

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Flattery will get you everywhere.


Interestingly enough, I never actually made a conscious effort to catalogue the GameKey codes and which units were compatible with which other units, though I did remember most off the top of my head. Since I read your post right before leaving for some shopping, I dropped by some stores and confirmed the codes today.


- TV Game - Code - GameKey availability.

- Star Wars: Episode III - SW - key available only bundled with a controller.

- Nickelodeon - NK - keys available individually.

- Fantastic 4 - F4 - no keys available. I have no idea why Fantastic 4 got its own code instead of the general Marvel code, MV, but it did. I'd be willing to bet, though, that even if Jakks does return to making GameKeys, this one will not get any, unless there is a movie tie-in.

- Disney - DY - keys available only bundled with a controller; one pack bundled only 1 key, while another bundled 2.

- Disney Princess - DP - key available individually.

- Winnie the Pooh - WP - no keys available.

- WWE - WW - no keys available.

- Dragonball Z - DB - no keys available.

- Care Bears - CB - no keys available.

- Wheel of Fortune - WF - no keys available.

- Spider-Man - MV - key available only bundled with a controller.

- Namco - NM - keys available only bundled with a controller; one pack bundled only 1 key, while another bundled 2.

- Justice League - JL (could not verify this code, but it seems obvious) - no keys available.

- Scooby-Doo - SD - no keys available.

- Capcom - CC - no keys available.


I don't have any GameKeys at all myself; both of my key-capable models have had no keys released (and don't look like they ever will, given how Jakks has seemingly abandoned the concept), so I don't know if any keys look different externally from any other keys.



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I just got myself a Ms. Pac-Man TV Games with 1 GameKey that unlocks DigDug and New Rally-X. I was hoping to get also the other GameKey that unlocks Pac-Man.

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It seems I was wrong about the two-letter code for the Justice League TV Game. I stumbled on some of the GameKey-enabled models today and found that, instead of "JL" being the code, it's "DC," for DC Comics, in line with the "MV" code for Marvel.


Vic George, I believe that other GameKey for the Ms. Pac-Man TV Game was only available as part of the bundle packed with 2 keys that Wal-Mart sold last holiday season. I think Wal-Mart exclusively had those. Your best chance to get one now is probably eBay.



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