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PAL Game acting like a NTSC game on PAL console. Help!

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i just got a nice CIB roc'n' rope PAL from uk ebay and when i tried to play it it was in black and white although when i hit reset the word stage changed to red colour and stayed that way until the game began and the game was just in black and wite. my JR is PAL as im in australia and never had any trouble with carts from other pal regions( germany for example). the roc'n' rope cart says PAL so why is it not in colour? the TV its bieng played on is a old smasung with manual tune controls no menues etc. Model number: CB-3351A. might try my woody and on different tv's im sure i have one here with format control



Found a tv in the house with format control it tuned in black and white so i change the format to ntsc, still black and white, and when i changed it to PAL and reset the 2600 i get some colour from the game! although its mostly blue and grey, with the word bonus bieng green and your guy with a pink vest. is that normal for roc'n rope?

Is there a difference in UK pal format and australia's?

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I do not know what PAL standard is being used in Australia.

From my experience,I have a PAL I (UK) console on my PAL B (Greece) TV and I had no sound (well,until the nice guys here told me a trick to re-adjust the sound transmit freq)

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The signal is mainly generated by the console, so the carts are not making the difference between the various PAL standards. Their code just adjusts for the different framerate and color palettes.

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The problem is a really poor NTSC-to-PAL conversion.


I don't have that game, but I just tried the PAL rom with z26 emulator.

The palette wasn't converted between the 2 TV formats, so the colors are all messed up (and the yellow, dark-green and brown of the NTSC version all are decoded as gray on PAL machines, according to the TIA Color Charts). Moreover, the scanlines count fluctuates during the game: 311 at the beginning, 312 for a moment when you press the button and 333 scanlines when stage 1 starts!

PAL TV normally displays balck&white if there is an odd number of lines (this is why you can only see the red word "STAGE" when you press the button, while there are 312 lines).

Your Multistandard TV is smart enough to handle this non-standard PAL signal and can display the colors.










P.S. Sorry for my bad english, I hope it's understandable.

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