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pac-man clones - can you name some decent ones?

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I always liked Astral Entertainment's "Pac Guy" series (PC). I think it was a trilogy, all very fun, and a very amusing ending when you complete Pac-Guy 1. It's freeware also.


Here is a link to download Pac-Guy 2 (You'll have to track down 1 & 3),


Pac-Guy 2: Pagoon

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If you can find Jawbreaker for either the Atari 8-bit or Commodore 64, they're both great, although the playfields are different. Caterpiggle on the Atari's awesome (like a cross between Pac-Man and Centipede, if you can imagine that), and Oil's Well on any platform is highly addictive and underrated. Aardvark is like Oil's Well but it's not as much fun.


Except for the Atari Jawbreaker, though, these aren't clones. They're maze games in which you eat dots and stuff, but they're not rip-offs. An actual Pac-Man sequel that rules on any system or computer is Jr. Pac-Man. That's always been my favorite official Pac-game.

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