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NES High Score Club Week #18 - Burger Time

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No more post-apocalyptic sword fighting, no, it's time to assemble enormous hamburgers! Yes, it's Burger Time!


Post a score and let's get this thing rolling!


Please post any tips you may have - best tip gets 1 bonus point!


And if anyone has a link to the manual, please post it.


This week's competition ends next Tuesday (Jan 9) morning at approximately 9:00 am PST.


This week's standings:


43,900 Slayer (+10 pts)

29,350 galaxy warrior (+8 pts)

22,650 vdub_bobby (+6 pts)

20,650 rjchamp3 (+4 pts)

9,450 LarcenTyler (+2 pts)



Twin Galaxies High Scores





Overall standings:


1. rjchamp3 (100 pts)

2. vdub_bobby (66 pts)

3. figgler (54 pts)

4. 8th lutz (51 pts)

5. LarcenTyler (45 pts)

6. galaxy warrior (43 pts)

7. mojofltr (40 pts)

8. Cybergoth (37 pts)

9. nester (29 pts)

10. gdement (28 pts)

11. MetalSlime23 (27 pts)

12. bust3dstr8 (21 pts)

13. Malc74 (13 pts)

14. keilbaca (4 pts)

14. mightymage (4 pts)

16. MCHufnagel (2 pts)

16. remowilliams (2 pts)

16. Kami68k (2 pts)

19. BrianC (1 pts)

19. HeckYesIDid (1 pts)

19. NightSprinter (1 pts)




Game Info


Originally created by Data East in 1982 and ported to the NES in 1987 by Data East.






Edited by vdub_bobby

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:) I will admit, I don't have a score yet worthy of posting, this game is F...... hard, and so f...... random too.


Hat's off to this week's champion, whoem ever that may be. :cool:

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always dug this game but man is it dumb hard. mostly due to the controls though. heres my first score.29,350 im hoping to get some play time tommorow.post-7539-1168218915_thumb.jpg

Edited by galaxy warrior

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This game doesn't look, sound, or play much like the arcade original. :(


Sounds good to me! :lol:

Change isn't always better! :ponder:

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