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Atari 2600 Hacks - A-Team

Original Game:A-Team 
Hacked By:Manuel Rotschkar & Fabrizio Zavagli
Type of Hack:Graphic Hack Functional Hack
Year Created:2002
Download ROM:
This is a modified version of Atari's A-Team that corrects a few problems with the game. This version was put together by Manuel Polik (Gunfight) and Fabrizio Zavagli (Space Treat), primarily to convert it from NTSC to PAL, but they also created a bug-fixed version for those of us using NTSC televisions.

If you're interested in a PAL version of A-Team with these fixes, please visit our TV Format Conversions Page.
What's New
  • Intro Fix: Repairs the glitches in the intro
  • Logo Fix: Beautifies the odd looking A-Team logo
  • Bugfix: Provides a stable # of scanlines
  • Color cycle: Switch off the color cycle in stage 1
    Before and After Screenshots
    Original GameHack
    A-Team - Original ScreenshotA-Team - Hack Screenshot
    A-Team - Original ScreenshotA-Team - Hack Screenshot
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