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Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs

It all started a long time ago with the Atari 2600 game Adventure, one of the first (if not the first!) game to contain an Easter Egg. By placing a certain object in a certain place in the game, the programmer's name, Warren Robinett, is revealed on the screen. These days we come to expect games to have Easter Eggs and many people are disappointed when games ship without them. In addition to Easter Eggs, many games have cheat codes that might unlock secret levels, change the game difficulty, make you invincible, and so forth.

This list shows all the Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs we've put into the AtariAge database. For the 2600 we have not including tips that require frying the system, since those results are usually unpredictable and difficult to reproduce. If you have any additions you'd like to submit to us, please drop us a line!


System View:

System TitleHint
Alien vs. Predator"Banana Stops" Cheat Code
Alien vs. PredatorDisplay coordinates
Alien vs. PredatorView quick Alien ending
Alien vs. Predator"Hold That Fuji!" Cheat Code
Alien vs. PredatorFreeze Alien Queen
Atari KartsLevel Codes
Atari KartsSpinning Track
BattlemorphBonus Ships
BattlemorphQuake Weapon
BattlemorphBonus Points
BattlemorphFunny Mode
BattlemorphCluster Passwords
BattleSphereCheat Mode
Blue LightningBonus Points
Blue LightningComedy Mode
Blue LightningMission Codes
Blue LightningReduce Damage
Blue LightningLanding Upside-Down
BrainDead 13Replace Scene
Breakout 2000Level Skip
Breakout 2000Enable Catch Mode
Breakout 2000Lightning Cannon
Breakout 2000World Skip
Breakout 200099 Balls
Breakout 2000No Robots
Breakout 2000Attract Ball
Breakout 2000Super Ball
Brutal Sports FootballFix League Mode Bug
Brutal Sports FootballPlay in second league with the Mad Dogs
Bubsy: Fractured Furry TailsLevel Passwords
Cannon FodderSwitch Units
Cannon FodderReuse Weapons
Cannon FodderExtra Options
Cannon FodderView Map
Checkered FlagRace at Night
Club DriveDebug Mode
Club DriveAtari Headquarters
Club DrivePlanet Todd
Club DriveCastle
Cybermorph (1 Meg)Sector Codes
Cybermorph (1 Meg)Fire Super Weapon during Demo
Cybermorph (1 Meg)Boss Fights
Cybermorph (1 Meg)Unlimited Ammo
Cybermorph (2 Meg)Sector Codes
Cybermorph (2 Meg)Fire Super Weapon during Demo
Cybermorph (2 Meg)Boss Fights
Cybermorph (2 Meg)Unlimited Ammo
Defender 2000Extra Bonus
Defender 2000Cheat Mode
DOOMDeathmatch or Co-Op More Music
DOOMLevel Select
DOOMCheat Mode
Dragon's LairReplay Scene
Evolution: Dino DudesLevel Passwords
Evolution: Dino DudesUnlimited Time
Evolution: Dino DudesUnlimited Lives
Fight for LifeEasy Junior Match
Fight for LifeCheat Mode
FlashbackLevel Passwords
Flip OutView Programmers' Heads
Flip OutWin Current Game
Flip OutLevel Select
HighlanderRogues Gallery
HighlanderChicken God and Teleporter
HighlanderAll Items
Hover StrikeAlternate Ground Clearance
Hover StrikeBonus Lives
Hover StrikeUnlimited Weapons, Energy, and Shields
Hover StrikeBonus Missions
Hover StrikeMusic Select
Hover StrikeDebug Mode
Hover StrikeDisplay Alternate Monitor Frame
Hover StrikeAlter Globe Speed and Direction
Hover StrikeAlternate "Ammo Depleted" Notice
Hover StrikeSwitch Day and Night
Hover StrikeLevel Skip
Hover Strike: Unconquered LandsAlter Globe Size
Hover Strike: Unconquered LandsAlter Globe Speed and Direction
Hover Strike: Unconquered LandsSwitch Day and Night
Hover Strike: Unconquered LandsLevel Skip
Hover Strike: Unconquered LandsBonus Lives
Hover Strike: Unconquered LandsVector Graphics Mode
Hover Strike: Unconquered LandsUnlimited Weapons, Energy, and Shields
Hover Strike: Unconquered LandsBonus Missions
Hover Strike: Unconquered LandsDebug Mode
I-WarBonus Options
I-WarLevel Passwords
Iron SoldierImmediate Mission End
Iron SoldierView Mission Statistics
Iron SoldierAll Weapons Level Select
Iron SoldierRepair Mech
Iron SoldierMove Title Screen
Iron SoldierFrame-by-Frame View
Iron SoldierUnlimited Ammo
Iron SoldierQuick Turns
Iron SoldierInsane Difficulty Level
Iron SoldierRotate Mech
Iron Soldier IIFrame-by-Frame View
Iron Soldier IIMultiple Cheat Mode
Iron Soldier IIImmediate Mission End
Iron Soldier IIQuick Turns
Iron Soldier IIInvincibility
Iron Soldier IIInsane Difficulty Level
Iron Soldier IIRotate Mech
Iron Soldier IIUnlimited Ammo
Iron Soldier IIAll Weapons Level Select
Iron Soldier IIPlay as Satyr War Strider
Iron Soldier IIView Mission Statistics
Iron Soldier IIRepair Mech
Iron Soldier IIQuick Mech Configuration Screen Exit
Iron Soldier IIView Ending Sequence
Iron Soldier IIDemonstration Mode
Kasumi NinjaCheat Mode
Kasumi NinjaAlternate Ending
Missile Command 3DLevel Select
MystAll Places of Protection Open
MystAll Red/Blue Pages and White Page Collected
MystAtari Headquarters
NBA Jam: Tournament EditionSecret Players
NBA Jam: Tournament EditionStory
NBA Jam: Tournament EditionExtended Team Roster
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition26 Teams Defeated
NBA Jam: Tournament EditionAdisak Attack Mode
NBA Jam: Tournament EditionTeam Substitution
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition27 Teams Defeated
NBA Jam: Tournament EditionCheat Mode
Pinball FantasiesContinue Game Play
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureHint: Stronger Rock Throwing
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureOriginal Version Mini-Game
Power Drive RallyAlternate Car Colors
Power Drive RallyTurbo
Power Drive RallyStop CPU Opponent
Primal RageHidden Options
Primal RageAlternate Character Colors
RaidenUnlimited Lives and Bombs
RaymanScare Attack
RaymanAll Power-Ups and Maps
RaymanBreakout Mini-Game
RaymanDedicates (in French)
RaymanView Credits
RaymanFifty Lives per Continue
Ruiner PinballContinue
SkyhammerCheat Mode
Space AceReplay Scene
Super BurnoutView Version Numberf
Super BurnoutTurbo
Super BurnoutPunisher Bike
Supercross 3DReplay Crashes
SyndicateSelect Any Region, All Weapons, Unlimited Money
SyndicateFaster Research Time
Syndicate$100 Million
SyndicateFree Reload
SyndicateSelect Any Region
Tempest 2000Sheep Sounds
Tempest 2000Enable Rotary Control
Tempest 2000Rotate Web Preview
Theme ParkChange Screen Position
Towers IIInvincibility, Full Maps
Towers IIHidden Room
Towers IIAdjust Screen Centering
Towers IIAdjust Screen Height
Trevor McFur in the Crescent GalaxyEnable Cheats
Troy Aikman NFL FootballExtra Touchdowns
Ultra VortekBonus Options
Ultra VortekHidden Palace Bonus Level
Ultra VortekVoice Modem Mode
Ultra VortekTurbo
Ultra VortekSubway Passage Bonus Level
Ultra VortekFight Against Carbon
Val d'Isere Skiing & SnowboardingBonus Options
Val d'Isere Skiing & SnowboardingUnlimited Continues
Vid GridUnscramble Puzzle
Wolfenstein 3DAll Items, All Keys, Full Ammo
Wolfenstein 3DLevel Select
Wolfenstein 3DRefresh Information
Wolfenstein 3DLevel Skip
Wolfenstein 3DGod Mode
Wolfenstein 3DMusic Test
Wolfenstein 3DPrevious Level
World Tour RacingTrack Editor
World Tour RacingToggle Texture Mapped Track
World Tour RacingRace As Bus
World Tour RacingFirst-Place Race Codes