How to Clean Equipment


Goo Gone

Okay, so this is pretty obvious for the most part (start with a little soapy water and a cloth), but we do have a few tips for you.

Our first and most important suggestion is to go purchase a bottle of Goo-Gone. This cleaning product does wonders for sticky gunk, markers, stubborn dirt, and other unsightly blemishes. It's pretty safe to use on plastics, but be careful when using it on boxes and labels. Some materials might be overly sensitive, so start slowly. We've had great success with it in removing price stickers from boxes. For really stubborn stickers, just saturate the offending tag and work at it slowly. Use a q-tip with Goo-Gone to work under the edges as you peel it up. You can buy Goo-Gone at your local Target or similar store for about $5, and it will last you a long time.

Hair Dryer
Although we don't really use this method ourselves, many people say they have had success in removing price stickers with a hair dryer. Heat the sticker up until the glue becomes gooey and you can peel it off. Obviously if it's really old and dried up, you're going to have to use something like Goo-Gone.

Compressed Air
It's also handy to have a can of compressed air around, for blowing dirt and dust out of those hard to reach places. You can get this at a Target or similar store for about $5 as well.

Isopropyl Alcohol and Q-Tips
Finally, it's good to have some isopropyl alcohol and q-tips as described in our cartridge cleaning article. You can use this on areas that may be too sensitive for Goo-Gone, such as electronic contacts. Be careful when using this on cartridge labels, as you can damage the ink.