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Atari 2600 - M Network - Black Label Variation

M Network - Black Label Variation
MNetwork labels only cover the end of the cartridge, there is no main label. It is a small black label with light blue lettering for the game title. The casing is made from an Intellivision cartridge mold with a 2600-size adapter on the end. This is almost identical to the INTV label/case except for the colors.
TitleModel #Label NotesYearCart Rarity TV 
Adventures of TronMT4317 
Air RaidersMT5861 
Armor AmbushMT5661 
Bump 'n' JumpMT7045 
Dark CavernMT5667 
Frogs and FliesMT5664 
International SoccerMT5687 
Kool Aid ManMT4648 
Lock 'N' ChaseMT5663 
Masters of the Universe - He ManMT4319 
Space AttackMT5659 
Star StrikeMT4313 
Super Challenge BaseballMT5665 
Super Challenge FootballMT5658 
Tron: Deadly DiscsMT5662 
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