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Atari 2600 - Absolute Entertainment - Standard Label Variation

Absolute Entertainment - Standard Label Variation
Absolute cartridges don't particularly adhere to one standard. They have stylized fonts appropriate for the title, and have the Absolute Entertainment logo on the label. Some feature pictures on the label some don't. The end label has the name of the game, again in a stylized font. Absolute games come in an Activision case, complete with the Activision name embossed on the back. Be careful with F-14 Tomcat for the 2600 - many of these are mislabeled 7800 versions. The only way you can visibly discern the difference between the two carts is by looking at the edge connector (where the cartridge plugs into the 2600). The 7800 connector is wider than the 2600. The Atari 7800 will play both versions of course.
TitleModel #Label NotesYearCartRarity  TV 
Pete Rose BaseballAK-045 
Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter SimulatorAK-046 
Title Match Pro WrestlingAG-041 
Skate Boardin'AG-042