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Title CompanyCart StyleRarityCartManBoxROMShot
Alien vs. PredatorAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Alpine GamesSelf-PublishedGreen PCB 2  
APBAtariCurved Lip
Awesome GolfAtariCurved Lip
Baseball HeroesAtariCurved Lip  
BasketbrawlAtariCurved Lip
Batman ReturnsAtariCurved Lip
BattleWheelsBeyond GamesCurved Lip
Battlezone 2000AtariCurved Lip
Bill & Ted's Excellent AdventureAtariCurved Lip
Block OutAtariCurved Lip
Blue LightningAtariFlat
Blue LightningAtariRidged
Blue LightningAtariCurved Lip
Blue Lightning Demo CardAtariCurved Lip  
Bubble TroubleTelegamesGreen PCB 2 
California GamesAtariFlat 
California GamesAtariRidged 
California GamesAtariCurved Lip 
CentipedeShadowsoft  Manual iconBox icon
CGE 5thSongbird ProductionsBlack PCB    
Championship RallySongbird ProductionsBlack PCB 
Checkered FlagAtariCurved Lip
Chip's ChallengeAtariFlat
Chip's ChallengeAtariRidged
Chip's ChallengeAtariCurved Lip
Crystal Mines IIAtariCurved Lip
Crystal Mines II: Buried TreasureSongbird ProductionsBlack PCB  
Cyber VirusBeyond Games  Manual iconBox icon  
Cyber VirusSongbird ProductionsBlack PCB  
Cyber Virus: CinciClassic EditionSongbird ProductionsBlack PCB 
Daemon's GateAtari  Box icon
Desert StrikeTelegamesCurved Lip 
DinolympicsAtariCurved Lip
Dirty Larry: Renegade CopAtariCurved Lip
Double DragonTelegamesCurved Lip  
Dracula the UndeadAtariCurved Lip
Dungeon SlayersAtari  Manual iconBox icon 
ElectrocopAtariCurved Lip 
European Soccer ChallengeTelegamesCurved Lip 
Eye of the BeholderNuFX  Manual iconBox icon 
Fat BobbyTelegames   
Fat Bobby DemoLore Games  Manual iconBox icon 
Fidelity Ultimate Chess ChallengeTelegamesCurved Lip 
Gates of ZendoconAtariFlat
Gates of ZendoconAtariRidged
Gates of ZendoconAtariCurved Lip
Gauntlet: The Third EncounterAtariRidged
Gauntlet: The Third EncounterAtariCurved Lip
GeoDuelAtari  Manual iconBox icon 
Gordo 106AtariCurved Lip
Hard Drivin'AtariCurved Lip
HockeyAtariCurved Lip
HydraAtariCurved Lip
HyperdromeTelegamesGreen PCB 2  
Ishido: The Way of StonesAtariCurved Lip
Jimmy Connors' TennisAtariCurved Lip
JoustWilliamsCurved Lip
KLAXAtariCurved Lip
Krazy Ace Miniature GolfTelegames  
Kung FoodAtariCurved Lip
LemmingsAtariCurved Lip
LexisSongbird ProductionsGreen PCB 3 
Lode RunnerSelf-Published  Manual iconBox icon
LoopzHandMade Software  Manual iconBox icon
LoopzSongbird ProductionsBlack PCB   
Lynx CasinoAtariCurved Lip
Lynx DiagnosticAtari  Manual iconBox icon
Lynx OthelloHarry DodgsonGreen PCB 1  
Malibu Bikini VolleyballAtariCurved Lip
Marlboro Go!Digital Image  Manual iconBox icon
MechtilesAtari  Manual iconBox icon  
MegaPak 1Songbird ProductionsBlack PCB   
Ms. Pac-ManAtariCurved Lip 
NFL FootballAtariCurved Lip  
Ninja GaidenAtariCurved Lip
Ninja Gaiden III: Ancient Ship of DoomAtariCurved Lip
Pac-LandAtariCurved Lip
PaperboyAtariCurved Lip
Pinball JamAtariCurved Lip
Pit-FighterAtariCurved Lip
PokerManiaMW SoftwareGreen PCB 2  
PonxSongbird ProductionsGreen PCB 3 
PounceAtari  Manual iconBox icon 
Power FactorAtariCurved Lip
QixTelegamesCurved Lip 
RampageAtariCurved Lip
RampartAtariCurved Lip
Relief PitcherAtari  Manual iconBox icon 
RemnantSongbird ProductionsBlack PCB 
Road Riot 4WDAtari  Manual iconBox icon
RoadBlastersAtariCurved Lip
Robo-SquashAtariCurved Lip
Robotron: 2084WilliamsCurved Lip
RygarAtariCurved Lip
S.I.M.I.S.Self-PublishedGreen PCB 2  
S.T.U.N. RunnerAtariCurved Lip 

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What do the Rarity Index numbers mean?
Very Rare  
Very Rare+  
Extremely Rare  
Unbelievably Rare