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Missile Control Trak-Ball

Atari CX-80 Trak-BallNow you can enjoy Missile Control for the Atari 2600 with a Trak-Ball Controller! In fact, Missile Control Trak-Ball supports three different controllers:

  • Atari CX-22 and CX-80 Trak-Balls
  • Atari ST Mouse
  • Amiga Mouse

Setup and Play

Before powering up the system, please have the controller you wish to use already plugged into your Atari 2600 (or compatible) system.

When Missile Control Trak-Ball boots, move the trak-ball or mouse around, and the game will attempt to auto-detect the controller plugged into your Atari 2600 (or compatible) console. If you find that this is not the case, you can use the SELECT switch on your console to cycle through the available controller options, and press RESET once the correct controller is selected. The selected controller should then work properly inside the game.

You can download the original manual for Missile Control here.

Missile Control Trak-Ball

Changes From Original Game

Some changes has been made from the original version of Missile Control:

  • Larger cursor area
  • Better difficulty ramp up
  • Right difficulty switch set to "A" makes aliens less smart

Additional Information

Missile Control Trak-Ball includes the game cartridge and Trak-Ball Series instruction card. Missile Control Trak-Ball is available in NTSC, PAL50, and PAL60 formats, please select above. If you do not make a TV Type selection, you will receive an NTSC cartridge by default. An Atari CX-22 or CX-80 Trak-Ball, Atari ST Mouse, or Amiga Mouse is required in order to play this game. Joystick controllers are not supported!

Controllers Supported Atari CX-22 or CX-80 Trak-Ball, Atari ST Mouse, or Amiga Mouse
Cartridge Size 16K
Modified By Thomas Jentzsch
Steven Louis Ramirez on 12/25/2018 06:40pm
Thomas Jentzsch strikes again. Missile Control was always a fun game, but the Trak-Ball support makes this a must have. This game provides pin point accuracy via three different controllers (Atari CX-22/CX-80, Atari ST Mouse & Amiga Mouse) and is reason enough to own a trak-ball controller.

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