Funky Fish - Atari 2600



Monsters have taken over the ocean and enlisted the creatures of the sea as their guardians. You are FUNKY FISH, and it's up to you to rid the waters of the armies of evil! Shoot small enemies with your bubble cannon to turn them into fruit, then steal the monster's energy! But don't get too confident, the next wave is faster and nestled amid an ocean bed of obstacles! One wrong move and you're sunk! Are you fish enough to save the ocean?

Funky Fish is a port of the 1981 arcade game by Sun Electronics. It was programmed by UA Ltd., the same company that programmed all the games for the Emerson Arcadia 2001. It's unknown why this game (and the other UA prototypes) was never released commercially.

Funky Fish includes a professionally printed box, manual and label, with artwork created by Dave Exton.

Author Unknown
Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 8K
Label Design Dave Exton
Darrell Spice on 10/07/2007 02:33pm
Sea monsters and their minions have invaded your neighborhood. Even though you're the MOST laid-back fish, it's up to you to save the day!

At first glance it looks like an underwater version of Defender, complete with radar screen showing the positions of the four monsters you need to take out. It appears there's a massive algae bloom going on as the water's green. Like the other UA Ltd. games, there's two scores displayed, one of which is the high score. There's also an attract mode, though it doesn't show any game play as Funky Fish just swims all the way left, then all the way right while shooting.

Use your fire button to start the game. RESET returns you to the main menu. The TV TYPE switch is used to pause the game. SELECT and the difficulty switches are not used.

When you start playing the game you realize your character really is "the MOST laid-back fish", I don't recall ever playing a game that moved so slowly. This might be OK if it were a kids game, but I found it extremely annoying. Even worse, the ocean doesn't wrap around and you start in the middle - this means that once you've killed off 2 monsters you have a long boring swim all the way back the way you came just to get to the other 2. When you finally make it to a monster the minions start to come out. To eliminate the minions you must shoot them to change them into cherries, then eat the cherries before they revert back into a minion. Once you've killed all the minions the monster will self-destruct, but before that happens you need to absorb some energy from it to make it to the next monster.

While the minions have interesting looking graphics, the monsters are just squares(to be fair, the monsters in the arcade version are just a floating eyeball). Other graphics are well done with some nice looking wave action and plants swaying in the currents. Sound effects are adequate.

Comes with a nice box and an OK manual, with graphics by David Exton w/Dale Crum.

Has potential - if the fish swam faster, like in the arcade version, it would be more fun.
Nathan Strum on 11/24/2006 06:05pm
Funky Fish is a port of an obscure arcade game, in which you're a fish that spits at various undersea creatures. Spitting on them turns them into fruit, which you can then eat, and then you swim over to other, larger creatures and pick up fuel from their dying, bloated corpses. Don't you just love the early 80's, when almost anything was grist for the video game mill? Despite its weird premise, the arcade version of the game has some decent and unique gameplay. Unfortunately, the 2600 version didn't really capture it. While the sound and graphics are about average for the time (although I have to wonder why the ocean is green), the controls are unbearably sluggish. Faster movement is needed to make this game even remotely playable. And while the arcade version isn't exactly lightning-fast, at least it's responsive. Funky Fish is an interesting curiosity. A leftover from a doomed video game company, and nothing more. The nice box that it comes in just can't make up for that.
Kai Kohl on 08/05/2003 01:58pm
(Havent played arcade, so take that in mind,)

Funky is right, this fish doesnt seem to care about saving much of anything
with the speed he moves at. Slow. I cant imagine that a 2600 game of this era (especially with such a detailed protagonist sprite, and detailed fruit, etc.) would have you combatting an antagonist that would look silly in adventure (a simple BLOCK,) at least adventure made it's antagonists look like SOMETHING.... a very repetitve game, with slow response, and a big ol block, that wears out quick.

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