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Atari 2600 Boxes

Atari 2600 BoxesAs with many things 2600 related, the best variety of boxes can be found for this system. Among the manufacturers that produced games for the 2600 there is an abundance of unique box styles. Atari naturally leads the way with boxes, having produced the most games in several different styles tied closely to their cartridge labels. Most companies created one box style and used that for all their games, simply altering the title and artwork on the front of the box and then the description and screenshots (if any!) on the back. But a few companies, such as Salu and Telesys, created unique boxes for each title.

Since the 2600 is one of the oldest classic gaming systems, it can be rather difficult finding boxes for this system. And when you are fortunate to run across boxes they're not always in the best shape, especially those found in the wild. Because of this, boxed games, especially rarer titles, can be worth considerably more than just the cartridge alone. For instance, a boxed Swordquest: Waterworld game is rare find indeed and could easily double the asking price, whereas a boxed Pac-Man might not even catch the attention of most collectors.

If you have any boxes for the 2600 that we're missing and would like to loan them to us or scan them, please contact us!

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TitleStyleCompany Profile
SwordfightStandardIntellivision Productions
Sea BattleStandardIntellivision Productions
Wing WarNoneImagic
Trick ShotSilverImagic
Star VoyagerSilverImagic
Solar StormSilverImagic
Sky PatrolSilverImagic
Shootin' GallerySilverImagic
Riddle of the SphinxYellowImagic
Riddle of the SphinxSilverImagic
Quick Step!SilverImagic
No Escape!SilverImagic
Laser GatesSilverImagic
Fire FighterYellowImagic
Fire FighterSilverImagic
Demon AttackBlackImagic
Demon AttackSilverImagic
Cosmic ArkSilverImagic
Atlantis IISilverImagic
Super Action PakNoneHES
Sports Action PakNoneHES
My GolfStandardHES
Task ForceStandardFroggo
Sea HuntStandardFroggo
Sea HawkStandardFroggo
Cruise MissileStandardFroggo
Boing!StandardFirst Star Software
Video ReflexNoneExus
Video JoggerNoneExus
Winter GamesStandardEpyx
Summer GamesStandardEpyx
California GamesStandardEpyx
Power Off!NoneEbivision
Merlin's WallsStandardEbivision
Allia QuestStandardEbivision
Alfred ChallengeStandardEbivision
MegaCart 32NoneDynacom
Seal to WhalesNoneDatatech
WarplockStandardData Age
SssnakeStandardData Age
Journey EscapeStandardData Age
Frankenstein's MonsterStandardData Age
Encounter at L5StandardData Age
BugsStandardData Age
Bermuda TriangleStandardData Age
AirlockStandardData Age
Video LifeStandardCommaVid
Room of DoomStandardCommaVid
Mines of MinosStandardCommaVid
Cosmic SwarmStandardCommaVid
Time PilotStandardColeco
Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel's CastleStandardColeco
Roc N RopeStandardColeco
Mr. Do!StandardColeco
Mouse TrapStandardColeco
Front LineStandardColeco
Donkey Kong JuniorStandardColeco
Donkey KongStandardColeco
Berenstain BearsKid VidColeco
Wizard of WorStandardCBS Electronics
Tunnel RunnerStandardCBS Electronics
Solar FoxStandardCBS Electronics
Omega RaceStandardCBS Electronics
Mountain KingStandardCBS Electronics
GorfStandardCBS Electronics
BlueprintStandardCBS Electronics
Wall DefenderStandardBomb
Weltraum-TunnelNoneBit Corp
Tanzende TellerNoneBit Corp
Sesam, Offne DichNoneBit Corp
See-MonsterNoneBit Corp
Schnecke Gegen EichhornchenNoneBit Corp
Phantom-PanzerNoneBit Corp
Mission 3000NoneBit Corp
Der PostmanNoneBit Corp
Dancing PlateNoneBit Corp
Bobby Geht HeimNoneBit Corp
Wall BallStandardAvalon Hill
Shuttle OrbiterStandardAvalon Hill
Out of ControlStandardAvalon Hill
London BlitzStandardAvalon Hill
Death TrapStandardAvalon Hill
Yars' RevengeRedAtari

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