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So close...

Posted by Nathan Strum, 20 March 2017 · 775 views

Video Game Ramblings

I used to play Nintendo's Vs. Golf back-in-the-day-when-you-could-actually-play-it-in-the-arcades.
When I got into MacMAME (now 20 years ago!!!!) I picked it up again, and the best score I shot at the time was 59:
Posted Image
That was 13 under par (the course changes, so the overall par changes as well).
Recently, since I got MAME running again properly for the first time in years, I've been playing it again. I've gotten to where I can birdie every hole on the course... just not always in the same game.
Although I just got real close:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Just two more... (and yes, I did miss two putts).
Admittedly, one hole was actually an eagle, and three were pars, but one of these days, I'm going to shoot 18-under. :)

Nice! What are you using for MAME now?
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QMC2 4.8.7 with SDLMAME .181. Part of the problem was that my ROMs were all ancient, but I found a non-torrenting solution for that. :)

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Thanks!  I have 4.8.7 on my mini as well, though with .169.  I'll have to see if my HiDPI issue has been fixed in .181.

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FYI - this site's building current versions of MAME for macOS and Raspberry Pi.  Don't know if its any different than SDLMAME.



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Close again... had two eagles, and still couldn't quite get there. Missed one very makable putt.


Hit a hole-in-one yesterday, too. I have all of the pieces, just can't get them all put together at the same time. :)



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