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Homebreviews - the (in)complete index

Posted by Nathan Strum, 08 July 2018 · 554 views

Video Game Reviews Indices

I'll be updating this Index as I add new reviews. There are currently 132 reviews, arranged alphabetically, by score.
The most recent reviews are noted with the date added. Atari 2600 reviews are listed first, 7800 reviews are listed afterwards. All reviews are for homebrew games, unless otherwise noted (hacks, hardware, etc).
This index reflects the original scores I gave the games. After my initial reviews, I went and re-scored everything based on 1/2 point increments which you can read about here. But since the AtariAge store doesn't support those scores, and I didn't edit the original reviews to reflect the changes, I'm effectively just ignoring those for now.
Recent additions:

2600 Homebrews
7800 Homebrews