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And yet another small diversion

Posted by Nathan Strum, 03 October 2018 · 315 views

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A couple of things I didn't mention about the mini-arcade games from Super Impulse that I've been collecting:
First, they're sold with keyrings attached. They're a bit too large and impractical to be a keyring though:
Posted Image
Second, they don't have a coin door on the front sticker. It would've been that much cooler had they added a little coin door and had the coin slots backlit. But that probably would've been cost-prohibitive.
The irony is, you couldn't actually fit a quarter into the cabinet anyway. For that matter, they're a little too small even for saving "next game":
Posted Image
But having a coin door would've been a nice extra touch.
Which brings me to the point of this post.
Some months back, a company named Replicade announced they'd be crowdfunding their own mini-arcade games. One of the rewards backers could get would be a coin slot keyring.
I thought, "Cool - that'd almost be worth the $25 pledge to back the project!"
But then I remembered I don't do crowdfunding.
So I didn't get one.
But then they showed up on Amazon anyway.
So I got one.
For $15.
Saved myself 10 bucks.


So, here it is:


Posted Image


It looks just like a classic arcade coin slot. Except you can't put a quarter in it.


It's heavy cast metal, too - just like an original coin slot. Which unfortunately, makes it entirely too heavy to use as an actual key ring.


Plus, it's pretty big. As big as a large car alarm key fob.


Posted Image


It's also over 1/2" thick, and the screws which hold it together stick out of the back a little bit.


But - and this is the important thing - it does light up.


Posted Image





You saved the best for last there, showing that the coin slot lights up.  :D

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