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Vs. Vs. Golf

Posted by Nathan Strum, 01 November 2018 · 283 views

Video Game Ramblings

About a year-and-a-half ago, I posted about getting my best-ever score in Vs. Golf in MAME: 16 under par.
Since then, I've kept playing and have gotten back to that score and near it quite a few times. But 18 under eluded me. I'd always have one or two bad shots that kept me from reaching it.
I also started playing the Women's Vs. Golf ROM as well. If anything, I think the course is trickier. Part of that might be due to unfamiliarity with it. But it did help me practice and get better overall.
Today, after playing a decent round in Men's Golf, I played the Women's version again. I was doing quite well. No bogies. One par, but an Eagle made up for it. After 13 holes, I was 13 under:
Posted Image
Another par though set me back. But I made it up with another Eagle at 16:
Posted Image
Then I had another par at 17. Even with a Birdie at 18, the best I could do would be 17 under...
But 18 was another par 5... and I Eagled it:
Posted Image
Resulting in a final of 18 under!
Posted Image
Finally! I managed to shoot 18 under in Vs. Golf! And on a course I'm less familiar with, too! My final score was 55. This is only one stroke less than my previous best, because that was a par 72. But I'll still take it!
Posted Image
I kind of wish I'd recorded it - but I play this so often, I never do. I never intentionally set out to attempt 18 under. I'm not after records or anything like that. This is strictly for fun.
Now then... anyone for 20 under? :D
(It does make me wonder if a decent port of this could be made on the 2600. Maybe with bus-stuffing?)