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Homebreviews index - part 1

Posted by Nathan Strum, in Indices 08 November 2007 · 838 views

Video Game Reviews Indices
Here's an index of all 61 Homebreviews to this point, arranged alphabetically, by score.

And based on the number of games slated for release this December, this isn't the end of it.

Not even close. Posted Image


That's a cool way to list them. The last 3 games in the bottom of the list with the poorest rating make it easy to know which games to avoid and ironicaly have very large review coverage on how bad they are. :) Should serve as an example of what not to produce.

I was thinking earlier of catergorizing homebrews in a similar fashion as in Atari's old red game manual.
I remember those neat headings: Skill Gallery, Classics Corner, Space Station, Adventure Territory, Race Track, Sports Arena, Combat Zone and Learning Center. I really liked how it organized each title in it's own column with the label art on top, then a short synopsis, and finaly a screen shot at the bottom. I also liked the way they used a small symbol to represent the controller type too. It was very handy!
I wish AtariAge store did something like that.
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61 is an impressive number, and yet you still haven't even reviewed all games currently in the store.
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I'm not sure I ever will. There are some I simply don't have any interest in. I think I'd really have to be desperate for something to review before I ever picked up "E.T. Book Cart". Yecchh. :)

Here are the ones I don't have yet:
  • Alligator People (repro)
  • Amiga Boing! Demo 2.0
  • Backfire
  • Crazy Valet
  • E.T. Book Cart
  • Euchre
  • GoSub
  • INV+
  • Labyrinth (repro)
  • Mental Kombat
  • Okie Dokie
  • Poker Squares
  • Sea Battle (repro)
  • Space Instigators
  • StickyNotes Cart
  • Swordfight (repro)
  • TestCart
  • This Planet Sucks
  • Venture II (hack)
  • X3V0LuX (hack)

I'd also like to get Beef Drop for the 7800, if that becomes available again. I missed the last batch.
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That's a nice index of reviews. I'll definitely refer to it if/when I buy new homebrew titles. You've certainly proven to have good taste in games.

IMO, This Planet Sucks isn't a bad title. The others in your "don't have" list don't interest me much.
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Thanks - "This Planet Sucks" is likely to be among my next homebrews. Same with "Okie Dokie".
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Couldn't the AtariVox already be used for that?
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