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Jean “Moebius” Giraud

Posted by Nathan Strum, 12 March 2012 · 3,338 views

Jean "Moebius" Giraud passed away Saturday, at the age of 73.

Another phenomenally gifted artist, his work graced countless comic books, science fiction and fantasy art (most notably Heavy Metal magazine), and movies including Alien, The Abyss, The Fifth Element and of course - Tron.

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(I can't understand a word he's saying, but I love the fact he has a Snoopy poster on his wall. :) )

"I was welcome as a kind of exotic star, it was really nice and fun.
as for the proper interaction with Disney Studios - it's a huge company, it's something completely amazing, I was...
Were you really the star?
I was star in the sense that I was very well received, I was well paid, I had a car, I had an apartment, even a mansion, etc...it was a thing of dreams, for two months I really lived the dream of a hollywood star.
But workwise, there really is no stardom - it's super efficient teamwork"
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Thanks for the translation. :)

A few more Moebius drawings from Tron...

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Once again the conceptships blog has some cool art in memory:

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Sweet - thanks for the link! :thumbsup:

Some of his work almost has a Winsor McCay feel to it.
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It's also unmistakably French. I'm not sure exactly what I mean by that but it has an unmistakable Fantastic Planet, surrealistic style that is dominated by lots of detail frilly bits.
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